by goura fotadar

I’m done chewing

the fat

that’s turned

into the click-clack


a pulled liver larding

by the


a no longer existence

the phlegmatic cough now stifled by the

burn of

a coating ,

the no longer existence hungry ghost

mouth holes

to one

another ,


the dark pupil hue tiny flower antiseptic in body

no longer trapped in the

coatings of my heavily

wrung vinegar-cinnamon hair

oh hon oh hon

you’re a sweet    art

it all started with a

car ride a phone call a

mob in the back

seat of my old but first car

the old new

sold only for 1,000

less than the beauty

of the dead dog

given to me for free

but he fought his way out

just maybe not as much as Kali

but that’s a good hinge

ain’t it fools

all blossomings all scents   all fru-it fru-it sats

ain’t it phoolan

but now  you have to

at least look up phoolan  don I know

even if there’s

a def. in english en’gle

but then this is ain’t neither

o those o nether


they said thanks for coming to get us

he looked sheepish, a different he

they said I like your car, the paint crackling off the top, as I drove

only thing is, they said, I’d change the color

& now click-clack

I chew

the fat


another piece

the foil hurries to open

fearing what

might be done to it

from my interactions

their eyes skirt away

the dog the Lord whispered to

you need to be the first

fist out

ow!t (without)

the emptied plastic electrolyte drains

water from my own

pipes back to them

ain’t the nether world a


I used to think before but

while I was fighting

way out

& then & then & then

I became what ya cha cull

it as

you scalped



so you know

so you know

you’s just a not

but just a is

scalpel ling

you’s selves

you need to protect your brothers & sisters

if you wan

to be born

born = enlightened

bet you didna know you

is un-born but dead

un-dead = enlightened

the differentiate


did na know

who said to him

she just protected you from rape

& them from stayin’ in

nether Whirl

they said yes

but then then

the Whirl

of the

nether ain’t

it perhaps even more jarring


like those

electrocuting pads

then the rapes

them selves

I abhor your culture!

of all


orchestras of

nether whirl


to me the nether world is

all the magic

of the chance

that a nuttin’

ain’t gonna

or a creamin’

ain’t never

gonna grab you of

but the chance & the magic

all thass thass

the work of

the break through

of the whirl

you gotta do

ain’t nobody gonna do it for ya

so what-a happen’ when I drove ’em

outta a



to their

mob destinations

what’d they wan    o me?

all it

turned into

the whirls of

their nether ow n

sea pear ants

but the free dog

he was

born the

first & only


a payment for his recent, past, all


then because

that doggie camp

was ?

the dogs meant

to be

forced to sex

& babies

bought & sold

he fought the ? owner

for his freedom

(but with whose help?)

& some how

the whirl


broke for


cause the owner said

to me

take this


dog off my

land, for free,   the pants an echo of what’s been run.

what I thought



was essentially


not eternally


et T

came after


but then



into non



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