Still Dross

by goura fotadar

I used to knohw him

A ten different souls’ gestures on his face

I’m not sure still

that soul the most helpful was

my eardrum still aches from the pedophiles of yester

call me maam least

the wool blanket folded fours floor


layered with sheets that I’ve never worn

he shivers; oh, fear

the beetles care her cant you believe

the pop of my arm your flesh

that idiot’s shriek

a copycat that still stinking

folded sheets

Why does your granny wear them still the kids used to ask

When the shadow work mine has long covered

hers face

doesn’t she know to fear the way I will make her


curry soaks my shirts through my pits of arm the boys

who wanted my cunt claimed

the Gandhi dot peered too read at them cut my forehead

they said they sawed

even the curtains parting my middle in it

said to them I stink

all they is come to Our country to steal our money

a dark-skinned woman

yells at me from under her


they stink, they nasty, I know she says to me

you stink, you nasty, I know she says to me                                                BITCH I AM The Lord if I stink what you do BITCH you about to get stung

I used to clean the bathrooms

of the hotels you had conferences in

Your curry makes me wanna puke.

You stink, you nasty; that’s why I say I like to

Work as a terrorist in all my bodies she says to      The Birth of another Demonic Angel group

me; but

butt I still want yours

and that cunt smells so good


you forget little lady

with successes in intimidation

as you coax to stick you

you forget I AM the LORD

all smell drawers come from me

my cunt is a cobra that seethes all existences

my butt is a light generator that stands temperature

but you know though you forget pretend

though it was cleaning your stench

off those bathrooms  other Wise they

spread too deep into center of

what Will Never bee

your Hell

where your stench

you ask for

pouring it


a gasoline that nothing can explode away

but the Lord

then you squabble when I say “no”

my cunt

my ass

none were meant

for your

forn fie fye I cation

entirely purpose there are different

this why & how Lust can annihilate


less, kill

when you Lust ME

you Lust Creator


you know this isn’t part of the sealed deal.

Now his face shows only his; and the Lord’s

expression; One soul

the other not brought to Life.


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