Title: Neem the Narcissist
Author: Goura Fotadar
Date: 04/04/2015

Now, I am neem.

I like to use the wind,
prevent its release
I eat cbpas’s family’s history on Earth
I run saying to myself
“No, I’m the Wind!”
“No, I’m in Power!”
But really even the Wind, theft of it,
“I’m so angry!”
is not enough, I WANT more; to be Lord; scowl.
When you see the Sun in the sky, I go outside; though
no, not though, despite! with spite
I am prone to sun burn.
Blood: I like to eat it as it falls from my body; soon my
period will stop coming; then I will be so hungry; will you
feed me? A-N-G-E-R!
I buy a lot of plates; If I want to eat your food or see through
your kitchen cabinets I might have or will give you some new plates;
ignore the dust, I ordered them on-line: all the packaging. But, don’t say
thank you, I didn’t want to give them to you; I had no choice.
I donate Pastries. oh, why? To make you sick, and if possible:
(it doesn’t work with G-O-D-S! ; scowl) fatter

Under my loose, oh, I’m very conservative, clothes,
I wear lace;
it inhibits me from
giving up;
to my cardboard
where, I wait dead.
White is the color in Aura; oh, I wish those didn’t exist
to steal from.
you know me; it’s not like it’s important; but I forgot why
I selected this aura color as my top target; of course,
I’m me I must have had a
good reason.
What’s left of me is that: WSBPPLW
My real name is ploxit; pronounced pluck-seat;
in my native tongue called bar;
it’s almost dead.
He asked what I was going to become next since I
lost in A&O or anger and outside: I picked based on a
traitor friend’s suggestion: he sold out for money: neem:
I said I wanted it to hurt on application. Now, I have no
choice but to admit defeat: Scowl, I am a narcissist.
(brother’s line to assa-sins)


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