Poetry for Today

 Poetry for Today

Continued on 06.10.15

Please describe who & whom for you

so I use these incorrectly
because I go with what sounds right to me in My Head …
of who is this car
is the windowsill of room baths so nice for cooking
do we not any longer have rooftop cooking
i;m confused
i picture a navy blue bathroom door
& the outside of a tub pour seal lane
painted a jet black
the Ultimate in bath decoration of art
for Me, only. I would change the knob to handle movement entry, two.
I feel so terrible that they don’t have any money
I feel so much like crying that they can’t eat what they want when they want
I can’t understand why the Lord will keep asking me for these things,
unless of course to Eradicate Them the problems all together
Because of course I can give these to You
Of course I can give these for You and you you and you forever eternities all calls all cases
Maybe there is something wrong with you Satan whispers Snide
Sny Ly
I feel as if those that are not contemplating their dying at least often
are taking All Living for Granted.
Why are there splinters in here
there is splinter in my chalk
As I run around the unfinished wood
it catches in the bottoms feet
falling out them during the Night
from a fairy Remover of Splinters … it’s impossible to know how much you’ve helped… never though would I have guessed that you were also the one that agreed to placing those splinters,
and catching them in the bottoms Feet. The pain? The Swelling? The Forgetting? The Removal? A non-existent killer oh pain.

Now I wonder since i am told about the suffering that comes from what I am told
that Witch does not Exist
the Laundry Does Not Exist
the food does not exist
the shower does not exist
and I wonder why the suffering
the smell does not exist
and I wonder why the towel is perfect bath mat that if it were meant to be a bath mat; why then did I discover so by accident and things of connections that I cannot explain but can formulate
and so explanation is not formulation and if the suffering does not exist so then why do I fell the hunger ?

we are of birth
the chocolate your ash
nutrients for us all of birth

bravados don’t be long … here.
I’m having indigestion from not eating
that means something is dying
(that I want)


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