Title: Oh Virginia

Title: Oh Virginia


dat’d 06222015
how I adore your name
The mornings here have travelled from where you are almost
the country as they saw
to our virginia mornings
but not mournings
peaces of piece virginia
I wonder since I see you hair
do you still exist
or is this all that is left
the hours we get you in the morning
before a one leaves for a
loud work
arising everyone almost
but how can it be since I am the only
that Sleeps Hear

I think the same thing about colder parts of the World
which I fee l even earlier in the morning
see them
too but hear
the feel warmer
than they are advertised to be
the parts I haven’t been to

then I smell the cook’s spices the smells falling from my body,
and now I know it is time to do something else
rest, not
my intuition is much better or skilled should I say more than That
then, how about
but I’m not quite hungry
and there are too many projects waiting to be done anyway
which one should I continue the Stitch with
should I turn off the dimmed lite now
should eye plug in
every action and the decision before hand
has a consequence creating
a highly orchestrated and complete real / un real reality
that is different from an imaginative made-up reality
I wonder when the un real reality will
fall away like the spices of cooking
from the senses of existance

there’s a woman that walks
that I’ve never scene
she walks by with her
for a total of two to four minutes
every couple of days or more or less
she wags herself like she is a dog
but she is not the dog
and she walks by
when then I carry her weight inside my frame
and it hurts
and it stinks
and she’s not alive
what happens to corpses when the people are gone
but the corpses are still, there
does the universe carry the corpse load
until it decomposes turning back into now, a better universe
how do we hasten the decomposition process
oh universes?


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