Honey Moon Address

What does honey moon
even mean exactly
when I see honey and moon
I see a comb full of stick like viscous glue
and a moon
with craters
not quite
I cant’ see the craters
but I now they are there

and so what does it mean
but that and more
but certainly not less
and how odd because outer is like a location or even address to space
and if I give you my address it’s not like you can get there
you’d have to be like from there
and or a planet or something
and you’re not are you
cause if you were then you’d be able to see me or us
and you can’t can you
only the other way around
I or we can see you in your
teeny state

in the white tile’d room there
is shade ouside
there is a waterfall that rings out through my hands
into a bucket reservoir
there is a lake sink
and their is     the smell of cleaner cleaning algae

their is            also a storage tub of yellow almost read liquid
that is aged days to create a killer of stench
and an atmosphere space regulator


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