orange lightt

orange light, from the book “Honey Moon Address”
date: 062315 062415
How weird the lights ouside are orange
the house all lite up
without the fire
we nose into their lives,
we bear bare sines
and the sill shortens
rates of thought
the tree is so still
i glare at in the comfort of
a fort of Peace
most used to tread
to in fear
creating a haven of Peace
of morsels
of chocolate
of morsels
how can you have pieces of morsels
she snickers
what a bickering buck
not worth your cost of buck
she snickers now because
she made the buck bicker
and lowered the cost no I mean hired the cost of the buck
and sow it ain’t not gon nah mat her
cause we want that thing to go away
and no i’m not talkin’ about that buck
it’s not a thing
but i due call myself that
create things
and they say you horrify me you are gross maybe instead
cause only i say horrify? I horror fight myself?
not fight myself.
Nobody loves me wah!
But I love myself and like always
so like due I care
about your even
I care about myself
and tha seems like I care about
but really I’m
myself caring centered
and that makes a done care about themselves?
I can’t treat you a way I haven’t yet treated myself
it won’t be the way it does the window slams shut
and why’d you wanna due a thing like that anyway
slam shut the window
in this window of heat
why not
leave ’em open
and no i know what you’re thinking
the conditioning’s not own I mean on
bet only you know to get that if you know how to turn yours off
so hard or different it is
but even if you didn’t get that you still caught it
because I love my self
and so you hadda a caught it
as much as I wanted you to catch it.
now a car stops and starts again
without the stop long enough to start again
get it
i don’t
I bet the lights are all on there cause they’ve been turned off somewhere
another house
that used has been keeping them on all night
wonder’s what’s been happening
we’ve been changing the conditioning of lights around here
and I still can’t floss my teeth
a fun of a health? pasting of fasting tryin’ twinkle the light lamps of street
street lamps knaw they can’t be street lamps
they must must be called something else
Orange Light
and my drink’s been orange two
but you know,
I think they say it’s supposed to be
and this coming on from me
who doesn’t pay attention to colors?
I due’nt
but I do when
like you’re talking about
the orange I mean what I make orange lite
like a new ere order ere in hive en hype-en oven of in

eim orange above world
I’m hungry
if you eat now ; death to ……………………………..
with heart attack hurt attack
but you told me not to go downstairs
I told you not to go downstairs
(during the day)
& the day’s over now
you always tell me too late
another option:
you say that
so if you don’t go downstairs
has to give your Bodhis Back

doesn’t it scare you that I’m psychic
wouldn’t you not want anyone else besides yourself to be psychic
me personally?
I wouldn’t care
but I’m not as possessed by the attribute of control as you
no offense or anything
it’s not like you’re evil or anything
more like
as though you
just different from me
a different kind of non-evil from me
and so I guess we are alike
even if we are not
for one thing
I have reliable
when you are not controlling the situation
in fact I bet I am reliable than anything
when you are not controlling the situation
and I wouldn’t exactly say that you are unreliable
more like that you are opposed to reliability
and I’m not
with reliability comes safety and security
and those things I want to be
of the stream of the World
and of course they already are above
for another I never lie
never do I lie
and you lie often if not close to always
in fact I bet most don’t know how much of what you say is a lie
and it is not as though you don’t tell the truth
for you do tell the Truth
but here’s the problem my Name is Truth
and say you tell the me
and they don’t know me
and they don’t know you
and only we’ve been around as two non-evils

you just reminded me this minutes past
of the childhood dream of getting to heaven
and now the fan flickers in the mirror
like a candle flame

there is no body more generous than Michael
I’m only a do gooder

I wish we had a bungee cord climb here
I miss it
we could have a drop down fall catch
and no cord ties
safe for babies
no rug burns, then

the bag bleeds into the water
barely heated by Sun
but nevertheless Cooked
by Sun

What am I doing here
I’m supposed to be in Heaven!

Lord Face Climb
Green Stars in
a Lurid
color’d sky
the wall of drop

Lord Face Climb
Lord Face Climb

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