Invitation, from “PurpleMent”

Invitation two
Invitation two

Invitation, from “PurpleMent”
by goura fotadar
There is no such thing
the only thing that can experience anything
without invitation is me

I thought it meant un-clear-ness or
I would say un-clear-full
I don’t even cry otherwise
but I could cry forever for any kind of suffering
Isn’t that a weird
I’m always excited to be a year older
there is a like-a-like-flea in my lemon aide
and it makes me cry
because once I saw for the first time
a flea on my animal
and I almost or did cry
to see the animal greeting so happily
with but a pest crawling from his
glowing fur or coat
I like to not wear those
when possible
unless of course
it is very cold
and they are able to provide
some form
oh no
oh Know!
of relaxation!
like that past been’s energy
un-clear-full causing or creating in state
well creation is too strong of statement or description
so perhaps it’s better put to say un-clear-full state being
why am so Blurry thought for this instant?
It cannot Be!
I haven’t made those choices
to be that way
No I haven’t
So it cannot Be
and if it is it can only Last
for an instant
Because It cannot Be

Almost Indistinct Sounds where My Digestive System Used to Be

They are right
I do hate
but not in that way
like for example I won’t use
hateful terms
but they are right
I cannot deny any longer
even though I avoid the word
she is a dork ; she is uncool
and it’s embarrassing
if she were mine or near me
I’d make fun of her until she stopped
acting that way with authority
or more like a stomping on who everybody else is
what energy.

when I pat my chest
it slaps like heavy flesh
but only if I pat it hard
are these called breasts?
who knows
reel: women
no, not reel: men
trust me
i’m not saying anything offensive
though hope you would do you
and now you are the offensive one
whenever there is an offensive
you must always know
a defensive is coming
and it might stamp you out
or at least ways away
or more
who knows
what does your nose smell
my gosh it’s not like it’s the 1800s

and now the fly or something flea or something
or bug small
or something
is dead in
my drink
or the drink that eye drink

there is a murmur or rumble in my lower back
I want to smell all sects
I want to despise from the never

now that the small bug has died
eye also see its dropping in my lemonade
should I keep drinking
it’s not like it’s alcohol

what can you do for me
that I can’t do for myself?


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