House Outside

House Outside, from “PurpleMent”
071615 071715 071815

I’m not sure why the house outside looks like it’s from the 1800s

but it’s eery
like uh uh
that sign on the corner
that tells the matrix is about to end

but the sign is also eery

and so is gazillion folks following me in what they think are new faces
on the street roads
since I’m not in anymore
and won’t ever be again
I’m sorry but I do find it a little bit funny
some of them try to toss their made-up un-real
cars at me
like is this an adventure for me
an end for them
also just so clear in demonstrating actual intention
instead of a pretend at what I see could be yours

what a good word that’d be.

look, this song reminds me of singapore
though I discovered it before the second time there, and
and now I know that means it might not have existed until
my discovery of it or shortly before …
or I didn’t mean diss ovary although I’m sure you can feel my pain

where I could see in the green
the people working in the lush
and it was like right outside my window
and I was like this seems like even still a different country
and time from what
as being advertised

the only way you can have a situation
where you are in someone else’s mind
if if you and or they are just starting out or not completely developed
have your safety threatened without your active participation
is never

I could wait here for an eternity for the light to come on.

I’m so angry
These people in your mind they are just so bad.
The way I see your mind
everyone gets their chance to be something or become
and I wish it were just something or better
but in the meantime
they do so much bad
and often they don’t survive because of it
and then it just becomes your mind again
not carrying the filth of their bad baggage
and in the meantime my
anger might
never subside

It’s just your mind
it’s not even all of you
and it’s still your mind
and you change in it anything you want at any time
so for example if you can’t change what happened then then you can do it now by going there then
and then it’s changed
and about magic
I mean you already know how to do it
all you have to do is just do whatever that can mean to you
so there

I’m so glad we’re in this reality now,
because otherwise I only see this in movies,
and in real life I never hear about or see the first parts
of what they actually wanted to do and tried to do,
I only see what they could do as them;
and it’s really not fair to all those that stopped them
from doing what they wanted to others;
I can’t comment on what they wanted to do to themselves;
and how odd it is.
Justice? is that a Person or being or something.
I don’t know?

when I was a little boy
I used to have nightmares
and then my mother told me
that in my nightmares I could ask for help
so …
I started to ask for help
we decided on a system that worked
in my nightmares
on how I could ask for help

(my toenails look like someone’s face)

if who I saw in my nightmares was a kid
I could ask another kid for help
so I started asking my older brother for help in my nightmares
and this worked
then if who I saw was an adult in my nightmares
I could imagine myself as an adult who was me
looking anyway I wanted in my nightmares
I could also ask my mother to be put in my nightmares for help
and if who I saw in my nightmares was more than one
I could ask all of them:
my brother, my mother, and myself for help

this worked really well for me
and as I got older my nightmares
became managed
I started to see the insides of the minds of those in my nightmares
once I saw a woman
who had an empty mind but for a metal like clamp
that talked and when I became even older
I met this woman and she was my patient
and when discussed her ailment with me
I had already seen it
in my nightmares
of youth

(ew! the heat is making my earwax sizzle)
(on bodily experiences)

I’m actually like really well-rested; but I’m almost always well-rested so.

the pink clouds
the green stars, bright
and the mention of the beautiful day outside
when it’s so burning
I wonder why they say that in the heat?
how does heat mean beautiful outside,
please explain.


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