The Scratch Palm in Drought.

Date: 08.04.15

The Scratch Palm in Drought.

On Watching Music:

by goura fotadar
that toad is so cute, though. I bang my head between my Palms … & I’ve always hated basketball. I run over steps over steps chased by the group’s leader to the door up-there. At the hell-tearer I bathe change into anew system not but clothes sometimes hand-washed, & dried any ray it can be when can’t af-for-d the wash-cost: you blunder certain? for brunches-a-thing as-such cannot exist, can it. The chores one-set done a priority after/fore/before show-her?!! A baby wails, another frets, with an alarm: goodness, a-how’d they’d get a-hole’d of the rush. I sprint, track, hop those steps, & I know before the chase starts, it’s going to start: no earlier then those few moments of warning but more like psychic intake
(sigh chic?)

of a – bouts to come. I escape, she giggles, the group waits for a win; other than a few grabs-at; I still escape. A loss for them, now sum oh them gotta go : but the grabs help? me, did I want them: no!, feel like a molested adult or child. For a week I’m sick. But I Keep moving. Where in the wild of minus?   The Synopsis. The Music, Notes. Marble hands to the cooling relaxed of music watching. the jotted notes. What does that mean. In 2012, he consented or began the full-fill-ment like gasoline? for / of plastic surgery. White Clouds Lighten? the Sky. I wait at the lookout Window;
(Block Out)
I mean people are dying for no good reason.
Their entire existences wiped away;
their dreams dead, killed.
And you’re sitting here, being so petty; making it happen.
Well, I’m not going to let you! (In a mocking high-horse voice, but with a finality of dead serious.)
You can’t act like that when a War’s Going On, even if you are not connected to it.
Normal people don’t act like that in time of War.

Bend/how for the cleaners. The mailers pull by, coasting. I remember the blue rocks they say cure the sickness? I miss the large tree there that they cut down not of course ? but so much like a redwood ice cream it they say or I heard in a head covered up the pool’s view: but gosh it did for the climate, the temperature: is that part of the climate: & also the energy you know no offense or nothing but like in hippie sense When it is equivalent or equals real sense.

The back-yard banter ...
The back-yard banter …

The Words of :

The back-yard banter or barter, who knows?

You’re Leaving Home; Now
(Each Time: Affirming)


the disc


I’ve fallen …
into meditative
state(s) …
Wake Up!

Certain …
I am awake

Analysis, asks: “What
do students … you students
… think the two’d part
of that / this statement
to mean? ”


I can feel my pain for the
pinched nerve in some body
else’s back.



& Each

(Student, thought:
as in the home is the
back-yard or what? There
is no image or depiction of
a house-like Structure.)

The Student, says:
” The rain in a baring
sprinkle has come in from
Mexico …”

The Growing of Sight


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