Fiction Continued from another notebook

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From “PurpleMent”
Fiction Continued from
another notebook
Do plants work-out

by goura fotadar

Tornados caused by anger ; bell flowers
and a jewels I designed that torns to insects

he used to bee a plant still is; and
he is also rats now; not jus one but several.

diagram (see photograph) straw hat volcano
vol. can oh

but they already know he’s coming.

changing numbers number  +  changing numbers number   +
changing numbers number  +  …   =  diagram (see photograph)

“take me
where I need to
go …”

If you’re worried, it will bring you back when you are done

Offense: I was planning on stabbing him with
a rusty knife. That another
he, looks life
a rusty knife.
I bathe when I start stinking, again.
The cycle of baths.
She’s me eating Sardines.

there’s an enormous
problem with the
trees, and their harassment
in CT. That’s probably why I ended up there for
several months, close to a year; without conscious
lly being, aware of it. It’s sick …

Are plants perennial
and/or immortal :
are ghosts non-hungry ;
if so, how
come no one,
He was a farmer as a dog.

Plant Photo Shot
(it makes sense to me that he’d be into plants
it was just like that
now it’s not just plants
but also goth
with the original plants captured.)


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