Expensive Sun Glasses in an Elevator With a Couple

Once I was in an elevator
with a couple,
and the dude started to look hard for his sunglasses
and the dudette told me as he was checking his body for his sunglasses.
I don’t know maybe they are in my pocket; they are not on my head, they are not in my coat
I was starting to Wonder as she was talking
about something I couldn’t hear if the sunglasses even existed
not because I’ve never misplaced anything or something  like that but
then somebody who was like psychic told me that the sunglasses were in my aura on my head,
and the two of them were so stunned because they
must have asked of something of mine to get them in the first place
and that made them not exist, and they instead turned to an object in my aura like that nobody
not even me well maybe that’s not exactly true could grab
and like I don’t wear sunglasses anyway
but before that what I heard her say as he nodded was that the sunglasses were really expensive
like $500 or something
and I didn’t say anything but I thought it was funny
because I heard that little part as her telling me that I’m poor
and if I’m poor I’m not sure what that means, that word for anybody else
and all concepts of those connected to that word
it makes me laugh a lot
but right now my left eye is tearing with some body else’s eye injury
terrible really
but what we found out was that the sunglasses not existing in their reality
the elevator couple when all I’d done was say “oh man you can’t find ’em” with real empathy
and of course hung out with the elevator couple (for nearly the last time nearly)
but what we found out
my investigation team of all psychic phenomena and spiritual matters in their entirety
was that in their the elevator couple’s reality this meant that he was stepping out on her
with her permission
and now when encountered by us,
she was pretending something else was happening
which is that I’m poor
and so these two in her reality must be connected and
perhaps she was asking and or encouraging him to step out on her
because it was giving her something, like
allowing her to feel confident in attempting to make  me feel  bad about myself …
and I’m not sure that I ever felt bad about myself around her but I at least pretended to
so that she would limit who else she did it to you ? you know that condescending attitude that harms so many … or something …
but I can’t say more right now because my computer froze and deleted what I wrote past a few lines ago just as I was saving it.  I can’t even remember what I wrote, and I have to now not re-write it again from an unclear memory. Because that’s just too much work, oh man!


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