On Pull Two

On Pull Two: from “Honey Moon Address”

08.31.15 — 09.02.15
Date Started on Ship
I don’t know where the heck I am I get disoriented sorry
I was just here a second ago or faster for you
but for me it’s been ten billion years,
no problem
except of course I’m wondering the name of this place again …
So it seems that I’m on a ship in the United States here
and there are only five of us present,
and I’m on a ship inside a ship
more like a boat inside a ship on a deck …
I have no clue where this ship is going, but I know during this time I return to it now since the last time I was here which was in 2012 and the clock date reads 2015

On Pull Two;
There my name was Michael Star.
and I was and remain the only woman in a woman’s body (human appearer) though of course it shifts to what I need to have and go to Pull Two . call me mad.
Now: they say there are going to be a few more women, and I’m glad but then the misogyny is so strong, here; that I’m not sure how to feel. Either way the women coming are only they say now one more; so that’s like two women; and it’s not that all of the men are our enemies; but like I said the misogyny here is so bad.

This is one of my projects on Pull Two : Pull Two ‘s Lord suggested that I study thanatology, since my more-official study has begun these have caused an issue of at least organization …
(what do I mean official well I mean it in terms of or
Since them: the awake dreams are getting in needing of management or at least worldly organization
I’ve decided to create a list of all the beings I’ve met in-person as a human-appearer; anywhere;
just because there are so many, and it’s impossible for me to track all of my dreams concerning them;
obviously, I’ve been around, and it so hard to track all of my dreams (again) concerning all of them; and obviously, again
I’m not going to use their “real” names, because I can’t …

The folks that qualify are those that I have “actually” interacted with and I’m not just in some heavenly or that type of encounter with … you must know what I mean, and perhaps I will further elaborate later:

(1) Person at the library in  … will I ever see you again, your concern, concerned me; I see you in a “different” reality also, and there things are much more scary then just checking out library books; there they think as they witness us in the check-out library encounter, where you helped me ensure that I keep being able to get or “check-out” the books I need;  that we are participating in an illegal activity; by checking out books, and that as we do this they can do whatever they want to us; which is by the way, the most bizarre thing; because books and checking out don’t exist in their reality for this very reason, and I’m still trying to figure out how they can see and get near us in our reality; but like I’m only two years old again, and now I’m not as smart as I will be … and as they get near us if we make one mistake in our interaction which they say is illegal they beat us first, and then start with the other stuff … and I’m so scared … but like I have to do something about it, we absolutely have to check out those books … and most of time most of the time we don’t steal a thing …

(2) I knew somebody that seemed around my age, and then I saw the somebody around all over the place; but not like in the one identity I knew that somebody in; but I like in the other identities, and then it took me like a long while to figure out that somebody with the various identities was just that one somebody. I felt when I saw this somebody the last time since now, and in an identity I was unfamiliar with; I felt like I was looking in the mirror. And mostly when I see this somebody the somebody smiles in a familiar way like we are in a reality where hell isn’t in existence for a moment, a moment only; and that somebody smiles and asks me a question or for something else that I can easily provide, and then the situation ends, and I don’t see the somebody for a while again; and usually after this meeting with the somebody the same location when re-visited is hell; has become hell; is hell again or maybe for the first time, and what was available before there, isn’t available again; and what wasn’t dangerous before is now dangerous. And neither the somebody and me remain in that location that we were just in … and it’s like I just looked in the mirror but the reflection is like my old friend whose name I can’t remember or know, and who has a different appearance than me …

(and that’s only the first two …)


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