The Party Favor Bag Part One. Cause I’m hurry.

Date: 09.15.15
The Party Favor Bag
Part One.
Cause I’m hurry.

From ” The smudge on the bath-tub
from the toe that was just cleaned,
that’s what I’m going to call it,”

The Party Favor Bag,
revealed to me a formation of a new planet,
or a planet coming into being.

I work from a needs-based model;
he works from a suffering-based model.

More like
I was already
because I hated my friends, then.
I also hated my parents’ hangout people,
so that only escalated my being anti-social.

It’s too scary,
and I’m not moving until it’s fixed.
I don’t care whose reality it is,
belongs to;
now I’m here.

And it’s crazy to wake up to that reality
and you can feel the absence of the Lord,
and there is nobody else of any power there,
but you,
and like you don’t even know if you have that much power,
it’s just you alone,
as a baby,
and like those,
you once-in-a-while,
enter when you wake up,
and it’s bunch of really crazy entities and you alone,
most of the time,
and in order for kaali to get there,
she has to convene with the lord at a higher level,
because you chose,
a rapid pathway to enlightenment,
but like that doesn’t mean you can’t have help or something.
and they don’t want kaali
or bryan there anyway,
the crazy entities jabber.

the cow background
the cow background

and now kaali’s wondering about those that enter
when you wake up,
your reality,
that’s super scary,
that are below you,
and like how they must get in,
and like they must be super scared, too.
and as much as you’ve done there,
you are aa actual baby.
and the times of babies being trapped without a lord,
the lord,
or angel,
for example,
of mercy,
alone in a super scary reality alone that you know nothing about,
has should be passed,
path of enlightenment or not;
there should be slinky like some guidance.

And now Kaali, says,
she’s been in realities like,
that in tandem wake-ups,
tour times,
that she can re-call,
that it’s become like first nature to her,
to be in a place she knows nothing about,
so like scary how big of a deal,
big deal,
can it be.

Freeing Your Mind in Your Reality!
Now one easy way to become at least good,
if not enlightened yet;
is to not let anything you don’t want to happen in your reality;
that means
you can literally kick yourself into a frenzy and say
Now, in your reality nobody can do you any harm that you do not want done to yourself.
And anybody you choose to help in your reality, you can help;
without being stopped. These are like such
basic rules of any reality of yours,
that even a baby an actuall aa baby
has experienced them.
but like it’s super scary without any divine presence other
in the background.
Super Scary.
Super Scar-Y?

It’s possible I might not finish it,
all I can do is my best.


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