Oranges apples and jars

Oranges apples and jars
Dated: him him him him him him him him him him him him
My old budget deleted,

Schism(s) Chasm(s)
why am I here
someone awful deleted an entire file of days of writing.
I’m not sure what I’m supposed to make of this.
I say
I dove right,
it means i gonna git you to heaven,
and that means
you never have to be go be where you don’t want
like there or here or there.
this is a quick re-write by the way,
and I’m more an little angry.

Why is your hair on fire.
Wussup Johnny.
I know you’re like what type of freaks go to your e.m. school, later out of e.m. school;
I’m like that freak’s my son down from heaven to help.
And I said they got in a fight now they’re not talking to each other cause
you said he likes one of ’em like that an not the other.
and that’s what I told ’em like they asked.
and you said, no I said he thinks one of ’em is cute and not the other,
and I said alright I’ll relay the message to them.
And now I hink y can’t they ask you themselves.
and later I saw you on a street,
and you told me a few things:
I was homeless but with shelter shelter
and you offered me shelter if ever I needed it,
then you also offered me more tattoos, which I was looking for,
and then you told me this story,
about two guys coming up to you with a panty hose and I think a hanger,
for your wallet and things,
and I didn’t have much of a reaction,
but the dude that was with you went not too long after,
and I thought maybe there was a connection or not,
and I thought perhaps it hadn’t happened to you but to somebody else
and perhaps you had those wings that let it happen to you, and then it was like both, but the other person that it actually actually? happened to,
personally, I like the palms
and that the other person who it was MEANT TO?
happen to survived mostly un-harmed
and then it means what does it happen to mean.
leaves it two mean. I mean.
duck, drunk are you.
You are obviously not an angel,
angels always stand up for themselves.

You never give anything back,
you are an awful being.

You are like a brother to me but you’re a girl.

I get along with her, but like I don’t like her.

I don’t think you understand.
You have to stand up
for yourself in th sand even
if there’s nobody around to sand T
for you up.
It doesn’t matter if it’s dangerous
it doesn’t matter if you
it doesn’t matter if you are injured
it only matters that you are right,
and if you do die,
you are gonna go to place better than here.
So like how does it matter.
Personally, I look forward it.
not like oh bike
you should be lookin’ to kill yourself or smething
but uh
and jars
but uh
buy nouns
you are not mortal anymore anyway.

I despite sloth.
The mind of blind
not in eyesight no offense on the pavement with skate

I don’t want you around my trees and animals,
torturing them,
as you have me.

oh little Brook,
wih they falsetto running.

Whenever I sea the dogs walking themselves
sleeves long
I’m a little be wilder ed confuse ed
In general voodoo is not a good idea,
and an it kin
nly can’t member
if already late wrote
this since file was depleted.
it keep you from good laces
without the porno appeal
and the cleavers grind into the dirt,
and you think hey am gonna get smeared with this stuff
like a bunion
I mean I’m not sure what is that
so an way
the dirt then some tell you is good to get splashed in
without the water hare
I mean hair
and also
they say now it’s like New Mexico here
all dry and stuff
and the trees in New Zea
very dangerous
and the animal tells me is his name Black Cow
(but it was deleted so I need to put here: voodoo is allowed for only trees and animals, sorry the rest o you, but uh you can uh practice magic, so uh … uh)

adn then
the say
the wrong
bring about feeding
it’s not like I want your senses,
and I’m a gonna feed off a yer head
that type of feeding, that’s uh the type that like you wanna keep at it bein’ evil,
and the other type is uh em possible to figure owt on yer zone
and so I’ll tell yer
but like there’s other info.
on zits
so it’s like this
right now you’re doin
and you decided with your intent of what is Right,
in all you that know
to do this,
and all a sudden
you get a feeling
like you need to be doing something else
and it’s not easy to tell if you need to follow this feeling or night
I mean not,
lie what if you are so close to your sister
and she tells you that she’s going to store,
and for some reason you live together,
and you can’t remember why you decided to live together now,
because you’re afraid you don’t pay much attention to her,
and then
why did she change the doorknob on only that room,
that’s what I can’t understand still,
the other rooms had the original highly secure doorknobs,
and then she broke the new door knob
and then he had to figure out how to fix it.
while you’re working on your work,
you get a feeling that you need to call her,
and it’s urgent,
and it’s not the same as hey ten years ago,
when I crossed the street,
I saw this dude,
and I knew him,
but we crossed the street so quickly I couldn’t say hi hey I know you
remember me cause back when I knew you which is now as we’re crossing the street you were an alright guy
and I say alright guy
because I’m a woman, so just uh remember at
and one of them is feeding and the other is not,
so you can take it uh further if you want or not,
I dunno
but slime maybe the two are connected or not
but like eve if you were to call the I man  I mean your sister at the store
the feeding wouldn’t be as bad as if you were to feed off her head,
and it’s impossible to figure out if you should call her or not,
and then depending on who you are panic may set in :
is she going to be OK, or not?
tha sort o thing,
and the thing is you can’t know can you,
so instead orlater when ou know if she’s o.k.
you should figure out what happened,
and in this case exact (nothing changed)
calling her would be feeding, but if you were doing it to remove the suspicion of fear, and then
the intent would still be at least Good,
so the consequences will be mild, since she’s not the one feeding (assumingly),
she might miss the one thing she meant to buy,
and you might forget your lunch at home the next day, which you’ve already made a head o time, and were looking forward to eating from at least both a wholesome pleasure and nutrient enriching perspective,

which might leave you either hungry or cut into your budget or put
you in the debt if only mild of somebody you don’t trust

it slight bees better instead to figure out why you got the
feeling about her at the store,
and the dude crossing the street:
(1) if gender doesn’t exactly exist as in she can be in more an one gendered body than perhaps she is the person in the dude’s body, and you can’t …
(2) if you believe in channeling with the opposite purpose perhaps some energy wants to disturb the two of you separately, and if you live together, the chances of this disturbance severely affecting/effecting you/yourexistence are severely minimized; but if you call her now,
this energy might be prompting you to do so, and this is called to feeding, because whether the energy can interact with her or not through the call, through a way closer than it already is, you are still responding to the energy of disturbance in a way that wants and/or requests, and this is called feeding, feeding explicitly. In energy interaction this is considered evil functioning, and greatly diminishes your life state, putting you in something like hell, at least. However, it is nowhere near as evil as for example the disturbing energy with plans for you and your sister, that few want to contemplate; so in the first case of feeding, you might just be uninformed, and the second: you might never want to stop being evil, as long as you have the choice.
Also in the firs t case being near disturbing energies of this sort, is nearly impossible to control or at least completely manage, without guidance; and then you never know if you have the right or correct guidance;
of course, until you become completely non-controlled by evil energies,
those two are not exactly te sam e thing.

So just try to use your version of your most wise discretion in the first case.

What about the guy crossing the street … is it impossible to know.

and that’s all I can write right about that, considering all the feeding on top of my head going on from other bodies/energies, that I’m saying “no”.
Does Lord help with anything at all.
Am I sane.
Are you.
More or Less Sane Than.

I’m not going to ask for what I want!
Because I never get it.

I’m now re-organizing the rest of the mind , more.
I’ve defined a new area called Sloth.

a place I’m from
the land thumps below my feet,
and they provide me with things I need,
and they are
my family
and I’m the only one of my type there,
but they don’t might it,
and it we are all (three types of us there )
freed by it.

energy conservation techniques.
itn’t it
you have noticed,
minus the few exceptions,
the new generation of parents,
are un*F-ed unlink unlike most of the past.
have noticed. you.
not listening to music is an enormous loss.
(but they have chants.)


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