Making Scent or Unabashedly Durga Walk-Her

Making Scent or Unabashedly Durga Walk-Her
Date: 09.25.15
So write now, from “PurpleMent”

I’m working on making scent,
I’ve used a few madagascar jasmine flowers
some plain tap water,
a used lemon (half of)
and  a flat ish stone,
I keep it on the window sill on
a former full now drunk juice glass jar,
I’m wondering if I should rip the label
off so that the fall summer light
can penetrate the glass
I know I’ve heard from my college daze
that you’re supposed to use special bottles
to preserve
oh the preserves
the ingredients or something
but I don’t have access now to those special
bottles or stoves and all those fancies,
so I think I’m gonna rip off as much off the label sticky as much as possible,
but I know somebody once showed me that if you take
a hair dryer and apply heat to the substance,
it’ll come off more.
So maybe I should try that … I do have access to a hair dryer
and electric sockets,
but most importantly perhaps,
or conceivably,
is that first I checked the scent,
and it was something of putrid
a remnant of the used tea bag of bitter variety
that I had cooking in the jar ahead of time,
but had a you know since rinsed the jar
jar a hard jar a hard jar a hard jar a hard
and dried it so that it was mostly free of scent,
so then,
oh heifers,
the peaches,
the dazes,
of college dazes,
first it smelled putrid,
and then the next time I smelled it
daze later,
it smelled of smoke, like a fire in the neighborhood
that hasn’t yet been caught or even
and that’s when
I inserted the flat stone.
Yea, I just had it lying around.
and Next I will work to remove the sticky

Done the label
ripped off easily, without any need for the the blow dryer
and I also added a mixture of vanilla, rose water, and tap water
I just had the vanilla and rose water mixture lying around
as a substitute or I should say
a la mode
a la mode.
how about instead:
in the fashion.
not into fashion.
In the Fashion.

but I forgot at the bottom is / are a few pieces of ginger.

on the side:
there’s a giant dried snot
in my nose
it’s on with blood
but it looks like a giant bug, of beauty,
on stroke her?

about the picture:
smoke prisms
the black dot base
is the sky really has it drops toward your view tha many colors
a dog’s perspective?
in vision.
and of course the stable rest,
the jar rests on.
the jar?
it’s true they have an aura.
the plants.


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