You are so evil,

10.19.15 10.20.15
You are so evil,
when something helps me,
you take it away,
and replace with something that harms me.

You gave me a choice,
you or my brother,
I said my brother.
Then you hid him from me,
gave me a fake brother,
and took away my memory,
and attempted to convince me that my
brother was evil,
and that I should kill him.
Then you said the same thing about my dog.
Even with my memory gone,
I never could betray him.
I never could betray what was good and/or above good.
Now there’s nothing you can do to him,
I have more power than you,
and so does he, now.

You are not enlightened.
You have no empathy,
enlightened beings do not behave like that.
You are barely 50% good,

That’d be o.k.
if we hadn’t all started evil.

There’s nothing you can do to us
we have more power than you now
and we’re not mortal
and you are.

There is nothing you’ve done to help me,
instead you’ve only harmed me.

I’ve just declared war on him,
in order to defeat us
he’d have to defeat me and
all of us,
and he just can’t do it,

if you want to harm him,
understand that he sends all harm directed to him,
our way,
and it’s better that you defend yourself
through the advice of enlightened beings,
and not your own un-enlightened thoughts,
you don’t want my murder death
and/or any other good and/or enlightened beings
death in your patterns,
if you did;
you wouldn’t be able to hear my voice
in your mind.

He hates her because she’s not scared of him.
What a shitty snob.
I’m so hungry, speaking of shit.
That looks good, yum.

Every morning,
he waits to hear me move.
It’s worse that pathetic.
In the morning,
he re-does all the work
he can that I completed during the night.
Then he asks for each of the things he’s re-done,
to be cursed for me.
This is how my day starts.
The Lord loves me.
My “friends” used to mock me,
saying do you wanna know why
everything is so easy for us, and not for you;
because the Lord loves us no matter
what we do,
and not you.
(No the reason everything is so easy for you, and not me,
is because I try to be good,
and you don’t care about good.
This is how heaven started isn’t it.)

I’m not going to follow him in college,
it’s obscene.

I am allergic to all metal forms of jewelry,
they make me sick,
and cause children and at times,
animals to get kidnapped
or be at propositioned risk to be kidnapped:
how sick!

That’s so informative,

Those are really nice clothes,
you three picked out;
if I had the money,
I would have purchased some of those items.


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