Fi c tion for the Days, Sports Caste

Fi c tion for the Days, Sports Caste
by goura fotadar

That’s funny
103115 11115 11215

It’s like sport caster
for reading
This world doesn’t have good manners
I’m gonna leave it actually,
This world doesn’t reward what’s good.
When you See the Enemy Say Shoot, and Hold Your Weapon and Be in Shooting stance by K.
Email is supposed to Enhance Personal and Interpersonal Freedom, Not the Opposite; and Provide Security.
Now, animals have email accounts, by D.
They never tell you how much energy a creation project holds, it’s quite an experience to be in,

Omg, it looks like a normal room again.

Ow , Well you can forget I don’t want to give up my enamel

why’s this guy talking in this squeaky voice

Self-Assassinations By Kaali
As I toss the ball hard,
and women duck
taller than
a pigeon hole of gangrene boys
walk by
and a gross one,
tells me loudly to my face:
You Suck,
Later I assassinate him.
Who did it. Not me?


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