The Sets of Union

For PurpleMent

The Sets of Union
by Goura Fotadar
The date is the third of 2015
on the ll the month
and I just uhm almost done,
except I’m not of course,
uh there’s the essay which is turning out to be quite advanced to be finished or completed still,
and then of course there
is all the other work,
I can hardly remember it,
recall it at the present,
I’ve eaten though,
I’ve done others chores though,
and it is only about 2 pm here or something,
and there’s all of heaven to also think of about
and then there are the three galaxies to also go to,
and then there are the five universes to move to
and I really must get rest before complete the essay.
But already much has been done,
and if alone the essay is completed by tonight, or the beginning of next morrow,
then that will also be enough.
And then there are the sets to mention,
and so soon I will put the that in also: I like to use the example of sets
and so that a mother and her children are a set or a union
and a sister and her brother are a set and a union
and a daughter and her father are a set and a union
and the
There is Spiritual Doctrine of Law
My Workings
Please don’t blame yourself
and please instead blame this place,
and uhm if this place doesn’t become good then you can just go elsewhere
what’s the big deal of a bad place + 80 years or something
and also no false relations
if this place is still not good when you pass, then you will just go elsewhere
and it is good by then,
then if you can be in both places
but you don’t have to be in both places,
and you don’t have to come back here
and both places can mean several places,
and both places can mean many places,
and both places can mean infinite places
Save Me From Them

When your neighborhood animal is pregnant
it’s like you’re pregnant also I hope if you are providing it with any support
this is not like any big revelation
and I don’t understand the pregnancy congratulations,
it’s not like you just passed some impossible test;
instead it’s like beings coming into existence
I just hate the angel wings,
and I’m not the biggest fan of the word angel either,
if you want to keep something like that fine,
but we can move like that anyway,
without the wings,

In kaali’s world
no one is of any consequence,
you either move along with her,
or you are of no consequence.
Everything knows that.


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