Title: Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You (from title series on wordpress.)

Title: Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You (from title series on wordpress.)
date: 112015
by goura fotadar
Dear Lucy,
Your “boyfriend” is cheating on you.
Please stay on-task,
and do not be limited by those that are not on in-capacity with you, even if that’s all that exists.
Don’t be confined by standards of others, and don’t let their neglect of themselves affect your care of yourself.
Forget about anybody who mistreats you in anyway, they are not important and they harm you in ways that you can’t almost immediately see.
Especially forget about attacks on your appearance, intelligence, integrity, sanity, personality, and general existence, and of course, virtue and/or goodness in being.
You’re blessed Lucy by your own self. Awesome.
Today it would have been beautiful, and tomorrow it will be above beautiful, and more perfect.

That’s it for now,

(no ‘H’)

Date: 112015
On Fridays his special treat for himself is that he gets to look like you. He smiles to himself secretly at the level he has achieved since he was a young kid, because he gets to look at a girl who once had a boyfriend that cheated on her.

He invites people over to your living space billions of them, and yells out=loud so that everybody can hear, “beat the shit out of her.” Sure enough to your shock, they start beating the shit out of you. (until you cry)

A stamp with a modern day,
that looks about (almost) a hundred years old.
a ripped portion of the envelope, because others
It’s been an entire
year of work almost,
and wasted
e the
dusts for the

An old stamp (?)



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