title: orange bottle

title: orange bottle
by goura fotadar
date: 112415
all the leaves fall
all bleak and loud
and ao
good dentist
lies about just how good he is
and your dental work
that be done just about perfect
I hope he’s not dead,
his family is disgusting
thass not about the dentist
and write about know,
the flunkies gotting
what does that mean
You Jerk!
The Perfume
is wading to be worn.
then the wedding is over,
and of course,
it’s time to dance:
but nobody is smiling
and a woman pushes her chest out
from under the bold gown
cropped inappropriately with for a body that height
and obviously
my brother
from Croatia
meant it for another,
but she wanted to give it away to some body who’s it isn’t
and s their
will be a vow of silence
for one year
until she asks for her gown and the sequined necklace
and her husband should have known better!
I want lantern lights
ilike the jagged shimmer
write, jagged shimmering


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