title: perfect pitch

title: perfect pitch
by goura fotadar
i know isn’t it weird
the dream of derams
for some people
or beings
like I really should have ment
to have
uh sung in college
and then i could inter viewed for a company
and gone to italy and done
that cause I just liked about it
and said that I couldn’t sign
eventough i had perfect pitch
and then they hsay in the everyday society
that that means something less than witha does
uh but the things
aid dint wnat my life to be only about the song
and so i didn’ do
and really it’s not unaccurate to think of perfect pitch
as an arm through on the pitcher’s mound
as your catcher or whatever he she or it called
signs you cymbals uhm of heaven
and you’re like what
i never got that training
and I’m like
dude we givin that to you now,
and so you got it,
and really the song is all about hte athleticism
and here that second word makes perfect Ring
and normally or ideally or I Should just say
normally because athleticism is ideals even if…
normally I avoid the word like I run to the plague,
and eventhough I don’t run.
uh, yeah


And I’m done with that Game

tandem shrieking to go along with poetry or something:


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