I want this arrow up to my new shirt

Fiction for the day, I just can’t do it, I’m too traumatized.
112715 112815
I sea the dead ghosts,
around me,
and I can’t ever talk about
what’s happened because it’s impossible to explain to mainstream;
I just know that what I deal with everyday there as an outsider on the inside,
in the voice of an eighteen year old boy,
is so outrageous to me,
surely I’ve developed far beyond his voice.
but I sea him dead and struck just for something,
I can’t understand and just as I met him.
We were the best of friends,
but I’m the best friends with lots of people,
so uh what can you say about that: not much.
and then i realize: that bfore i ever got there
as a woman,
who could feel the trauma
with dignity
so bad
that I could hadly sea past those,
traumas to what was coming int he past,
God, Goura! you should have been better!
(I’m just kidding, I’m too old to be that hard on myself, and too straight of an edge for it not to cause damage tomy insides)
it’s really not that big of deal.
and then they died in that same:
for that same: cause,
whether they knew it or not,
and now I’ve modernized their deaths to make legible in a way that is undefeatable;
and so now we talk about drivebys and legacies of literature and understanding what even happened
to eradicate, and that’s the word of the time,
what happened,
and I just hope
fir not much
and objects that protect you from the strike on the back of your head,
when you’re not looking and eventhough
I can feel it in the atmosphere
I’m too far away,
and uh,
you’re karma just isn’t good enough
for me to catch it and stop it when I’m that young
or before I
am prosthetic born.

To the pain of surgeries for other people without their painkillers and with the combo of all th pain, you can withstand to feel.
I need a skin peeler for my new hematoma on the center of feminized forehead
who notices things of that nature
but of course it isn’t nature
other than the hungry ghosts of the past,
I’m still trying to figure out
what a forehead is,
and aren’t those things rally uncomfortable
wouldn’t just rather be playing
peewee football
even if you did

Part two.
Just don’t worry about it.
If you’re not enlightened yet
and you’re doing a lot of work,
just do the work that you want,
and don’t do too much of anything else,
like maybe spend a maximum of twenty minutes a weak
doing something you don’t like that much
such as the laundry, dishes, and or raking leavings.
Try to use same dish for all your meals.
So that you know you have enough time to rest and do all the things that you want.
Personally, I get tired from folding shirts,
so either I don’t fold
or I rest after I fold em
and really I just don’t fold
and rest after I transport them
cleaned hopefully
sometimes the dryer doesn’t work so well,
when you don’t use it, sometimes they feel cleaner.
OK, I hope that makes sense.
So I just have to get back to work now.
Personal, I think the leaves look nice splattered on lawns and pavements or something.
Do backyards have lawns,
I call them backyard lawns
with animal yawns.
Theme Music: Courtesy of NPR. org
Song: KH- Text022
Artist: Four Tet

Part Bowl of candle:
Oh my god,
this is so sad,
I could cry my eyes out.

just told me
that they remind

Screenshot (2)
me of their parents,
and I guess that’s obvious for

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

citation: stance.com on 112815
and somebody else told,
that if you really like fleece,
you grew up with dis-
and or live in it.
so when you grow up with dis-function
and move away with it,
are you grown out of it.
I’m not sure,
like how does it work.


I want these, this to be my new shirt. From, on OneNote

They Went on Dates Every Saturday

Screenshot (5)Screenshot (6)Screenshot (7)Screenshot (5)



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