No pleasure no pleas, sure

No pleasure
no pleas, sure
Written on: 05/18/2015, 05/19/2015

It cries hard about things that have already happened but won’t stop happening
a terrible replay button of things done already over and over again
but I’m not so sure that any except for Me or something of Me or Something that is Me have much
energy for that or any

sow I prey except I can’t prey I’m not lord to prey pray
& they point fingers as their gross views of scope out what they can’t see
& they eat what they can’t see
only so they can starve me from all pleasure
and so simple it will be to abstain from pleasure
so why didn’t I do it before
it makes no sense
and perhaps sense is also pleasure
I guess in this training principle I have now been switched to a role of no pleasure
witch is so much better than pain with interruptions of pleasure but is more

& i wait in exhaustion that dies with no pleasure
how odd that it’s taken me this harm to understand this end
so pleas of please of pleas of peas all of them pleasure
the taste the tastes the smells but never have been able to be COMB a an a an a an a he done
asked i have that witch comes upon no pleas are and it is no emot ion
and there it is still my disdain for the word alone: “emotion”
i cannot even place it together as it supposedly belongs
and i am also traumatize d another experience of pleasure or pain ; they are not the same are they; they are for me
of notebooks so many have they been helpful for me i don’t know but it had seemed so now the mere mention or knowledge or
sight of such a thing a “notebook” causes immediate trauma that makes retreat in traumatization and when this happens
after i write it down i switch to movements that i’m not so sure exist i believe that they are dead or better put
i see that they are non-existing and when i drink the water it drips from my lips as if i have become a new but non-existing thing
& I want to know is helpful also part of the the emotion step i’m not so sure
perhaps this is why we have uh what do you call it parts of the language that we use
or like the separation of those parts

now to move to the next step i find out from inquisition that to experience no emotion
i have to walk

what is after no emotion is a mark: A BURGLAR ALARM IS A MARK that means that intruders are about to prey but only
the lord can prey and so only the lord can be an intruder and so a burglar alarm must be a mark of something i can’t understand
ok like that deleted video that is still seen but not seen is a mark of the lord’s entry into i don’t know

i’ve been sleep for almost six months and I don’t know what months mean
during my sleep i’ve heard the lord talking to himself but that’s just normal for him
i can’t understand why he hasn’t just woken me up
i’m not supposed to laugh
but i know that the next time i will be awake will be in seven years and i’m trying to write down what’s happening
so that it doesn’t take so long but here’s the problem if you can even call it a problem i mean how long is seven
years or how short is it i don’t know
i can’t stop laughing even though i’m not happy i’m not experiencing any emotion
so i am closing my laugh
now i have a bucket next to me
and i’m not allowed to say and
so i don’t don’t know what want means
but i can’t say but either
so i can say so
i’m so hungry i wonder when the last was when i ate
i’m so hungry
my hunger has been removed
next i have to change into white pants and put the other pants in the closet and i didn’t know what closet
is oops i can’t use that so i didn’t know what closet is so he said wardrobe i mean not that
and not that say oops again
why have I been sleep
the answer is for a person to be
what is a person to be
is a thing of lord
why would i need to be sleep for a person to be
otherwise it will give you pleasure until you are no pleasure
but now i am no pleasure
are you serious
i am serious
no wonder no ONE can be married to you
this is absurd
couldn’t you invent a better way
it’s not a curse don’t say ah
how ever it is a tone to perfection
that is what i is
so what are you
no pleasure no hunger no mistake no emotion no choice no leisure no expression no repetition no claim no lease
what does be married mean
be married means this is absurd
so why did i have to be married
because of see lease
no die no ride no ram
i don’t get it i want to re
what does see lease means if you no die no ride no ram you be married to it is a tone to perfection
what does a tone to perfection give you
a better invent way yes
it gives you pleasure hunger take emotion choice leisure expression conversation claim lease life comfort memory
what would you do when those are given to you with them

alright u
what is given to a tone to perfection
lease ride memory life energy energy logic conversation re u

no mistake choice leisure learning claim life transportation things that are needed to help you or for work  memory i have
to somehow help u   oh it’is late i thought it was 8 am i bang the wall with my left hand to keep from falling my center of gravity is off from or not from but because of the obese worm stuck in the middle of my body and then it switches to the left it is obese from eating up all resources the end
i have to go to the bathroom but i’m engaged the end
breakfast is ready but i’m not to eat i’m be in down in a while i’m in pad i drink water from a glass after hand bang wall with the last drink sum drips Ew
hair i’m not allowed to touch when i drink the water hair stick i think causing the water drip onto where is this
she says she doesn’t want you eating fruit in the living room because you’ll spill
but i’ll use a plate i say
not to mention that the dining table is not available because she does not want anyone sitting on it to eat when she’s not eating on it actually she doesn’t want anyone to sit on it for any reason because she wants to be as good looking as the dining table but the dining table is an object except the dining table isn’t just object is it it is lord and this is
where we get into those fights religion where how can you worship a table are you insane
i say how can you be jealous of the table are you insane
but to use your own argument the table is the lord
but then you’re confessing to being jealous of the lord and that’s even worse than being jealous of the just table
and this is how you create an alternative reality You say
those flowers are pretty You say
then I hear put those roses a Pair
now I have to the flowers
they are no longer flowers
they are no longer part of their reality
would You still call them flowers should i stay instead would you still call them flowers
what would i call them now i say to myself they are now art before they were perfection now from art they have become beauty

he has no concept of the limitations of his reality and his inability to comprehend the consequences of
i ate a nectarine over the sink
when she asked did you eat the fruit
when she asked where did you eat it
i said at first i ate it in the kitchen
after she said in the living room you will make a mess
after it was known there is no eating Upstairs
after she said i don’t want you to use the dining table
after she said in the kitchen you will spill on the floor
one way to notice they are malicious is to use reality shifts that’s what I am doing by posit-ining you here
instead of further away malign: the reason is this to show you what i see you see things in seclusion and it allows
you to change reality for each seclusion but they only behave that way in seclusion I say
together they are just same this means that despite all your effort they have made no growth in non-maligning-ful
so it is worth-less
instead they must learn to learn the consequences of their non-maligning-ful often this means no access to fruitions
rarely have i ever seen any reality of another’s shift into mine you are first there are no others
i will tell you how you did it
i showed you the limitations of your reality
i took away your abilities of intelligence , beauty , effort , development, good-ful because they all were stolen
from me without your knowledge that’s how you came to be
you started evil
however you lit what you were with my abilities until you created not i you created an alternative reality of no worth
in their reality but of cleaning imitations especially your performance
he is not the bowl anymore though he asked to be the bowl once he had to hold something as the bowl he
got too mad so I am now the bowl
It’s not nice to see you losing so much weight all that exercising you do must really be paying off
If you’re not exercising though; you will just turn into gasoline
no comment
what you steal turns to napkins; we are napkin people now; labels are napkins burned from our worth; made by Us
I want to be a different colored napkin ; so be a different colored napkin
I want to be costly gasoline ; that I can’t help you with gasoline has no value now
at every opening at every intrusion of another napkins of no–maligning are created
we dress napkins ; it should be a loss-ful ; napkins are though of worth to Us
you know consequence of starting out evil; though not growing n non-maligning-ful fruitions forever
didn’t you start out evil
yes; however i developed development good-ful
to make my worth made by me (exercise was stolen) if you develop good-ful you stop evil i make our worth Us
odd how repose the dead can’t rest they are dead
point is shall We be tortured riddle iconoclasts of Peace
so for writing painting stroke they get to fake play the instruments
I can’t possibly post that up it shows my cleavage how un–becoming
i’m tired of that shit in the toilet
oh well at least I get to do something fun today : or where i learn
it’s so weird
don’t you think houses should be designed better
I mean why don’t we have floor length windows for views
what’s the need for doors except the front & bath–rooms

I’m so excited it’s like done … well, this page is done.


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