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The Simulated Washer in Sinks of Tile
By Goura Fotadar
A book I wrote for my

describing, “this” by me: an interpretation of a busy schedule or working too much without worldly compensation    dot dot dot period know commas commence
reading, “this” by me: me I left off at page twelve reminds me of elevators & that reminds me of how I hate them & that reminds me when I am in an “elevate” dash who what is that I’m consenting to, you two, too, you know? toes to what?

* It’s a safe to say the plants.
* Journal, note music.
* Other Stuff.

(With some repetition from the other places of writing)

It’s a safe to say that the plants
One outside used to be my dog
Of course not all of him, don’t be so simple minded, jeez.
It’s safe to say thanks to the unsafe that the plants outside are dying or starving like in death but of water  … perhaps I should get inebriated. Even the not so bad enough for that. We’re with or rather you are with your unsafe choices saying “yes” to torturing all of those not as bad of you that you can sort of control … like a remote … oh I’m so smart and witty … oh I’m so smart and witty … let’s hope I don’t sound like you in your head someone like me can hear what you think oops for you … trust me, the animals are smarter than you, and so are a very few very few very few … plants.
Only when I purr them with my shower water left over without too many drops of poison shampoo oh pooey conditioner which thieves instead of gives a pedophiles favored shower gel you can tell by that mental touch can’t you, I don’t use it … big surprise there, do you. And salt thimbles of actual cleaning udders inside me and perhaps you maybe you just haven’t thought about it yet, or you have who knows well, at least you do. Thanks for my milk or yours.

That the plants get the sun & chill of hydration.
How bad. Can’t you do something more, band? Practice together more perhaps, I dunno.

In my sinks I simulate the washer machine without all the thrust of the rush. Ribbons of blood dirt and leaves pile to unsanitary water, then drain down there somewhere deep I hope that eats that used water. Yum, I guess. I dunno.

I my bathtub the cleaned ones good enough to clean for now drip drop to matted towels against knotted hairballs with spit just cause you need that extra superstitious protection. I guess. I dunno. Knock on wood, even when it’s not there I guess. I dunno.

Earlier against the smells of Lavender and Butter, that I couldn’t smell but could feel somehow somewhere for I’m not sure ecstatically what my location was. I curved and curled in the hot enough bath fully clothed simulating a drowning of something. Sure enough my heavy sweats held me down the salt water drapes holding me down also and barely I wash squirmed in my comfort but not yours, twisted the body in various poses but could hardly fit into the tub apparently it seemed it was designed for the bathing of children. I dunno. I guess.

The sac an embryo that exists in nobody but a creation for myself. It’s comfortable; it’s warm; and then it’s done. The water drains out and I switch outfits with a towel’s help never revealing much of my skin. I am acting the baby, already born, apparently without the experience of sac.

Something inside of me is afraid of the salt solution I duck before drain into it. The scared worms coughing forced up by itself also swallowed by itself. Ions cleanse them, apparently. If scare=cleanse. It might. I dunno. I guess.

Here, lemme make it really easy for you. You are not smarter than that. You are not in competition with that. By the space you can comprehend that, it will have become smarter than you last grabbed at. You are only in competition with your former selves, until they are all your now selves. Sometimes both need rest in simulations that are created for you, or if you were really clever (cleverer) than yourself created by you. Oh mah Lord.

But the scared insisted that the windows couldn’t be open; and that both shower doors apparently not approved for scared’s bath invasion of another, had to be closed. But I dunno I  noticed. Try as you might, can you really invade another’s creation.

Some bare rung and others not, the now clean ones drip more of them. Why don’t I just be it a use of an actual machine. I mean what year is it. I am though that a machine. But last night, or early this morning I had an ugly vision.

The potted outside the one that doesn’t need a lot of watering. Perhaps I’m not sure if the requires much of any. It opens up you see to a space that the scared invaded where it would damn it be seen & heard! Damn it!
I snap my fingers to cleanse my imaginary aura around where the machine.

So that space was opened and then closed by someone other than the opener. Not sure if that someone is me or someone else. Not sure. I dunno. I guess.

Then the straw becomes my hair even the color. Well, I said, deep in them, that I wanted to dye it. There’s always a first or second fist mime. I dunno. I guess.

Then the salt soaked into my face, so that it had the salt’s glow. I wonder about the salt like is it a real thing unlike my tub embryo simulation which you know is like a real thing in my creation but I know for sure it doesn’t exist elsewhere because if it does I would know since created it to be that not exist elsewhere. Like when I leave the tub situation it’s no longer my creation of simulator embryo. But the salt I’m not sure for example the salt could be a well of good or something deeper like my Father.
Who you know I know the way you know yours or not. I dunno. I guess.
But where it went to the potted plant opening as it was closing someone shown me what there was happening. There there was a washer machine you know not licks those circle metals washer but one of those New Age machines that do all the cleansing for you unless of course you or instead you something gross possesses the machine and maybe even the soap like lavender or some solutions else, trying to worsen the program of cleanse. Who only knows whys you do that. End don’t tell me cause someone told you so, you only do stupid        stuff like that dough    cause that’s what you want to do.
I dunno. I guess.
The New Age machine was possessed and connected to the lava tory in that used to be connected to potted plant by another potted plant and so the machine was washing with the debris of feces urine blood and other forms of form. So gross. But the connecter was thrilled to cause this portal or perhaps the portal already existed through a pipe system of liquid. I dunno. I guess.
(cash satan’s promise of laundry at same connection causing more connnections).

I rise to the eye roll that comes from cliff possessions to form a form bump on a part body and slows to disables the now inability to experience feeling that eye roll stumbling forth from cliffs I suppose like that bled a possession looks unlike any eye roll of eye rollers I have ever seen in these spaces a look at eye roll that should not escape hells not the hells o imagination but those that in
Wave          Length,                            oh hi (in a mocking tone) I dunno. I guess.
It’s really good, I promise says who

Those that in hells are real shared presence experienced by uhm more than alone an eye roll.

Sow bye.
But it’s still Saturday he whines from somewhere trapped.
Tell me where me.
Do you die.
Stop all the links to his portals back here.
And now he’s trapped.
Will he ever get back.
I dunno. I guess.
I flop around like an undead fish hoping at surviving.
Isn’t it odd that air kills.
In my way, is any breathing really a reality of necessary.
his eyes staring down the pile o dirt dish.
That Saturday ended long ago. On it my skull cracked to broken portions of
While he shook his head at my skull cracker, I presume I like to cheese but
not when the light flashes. Oh pastimes.
So canna you imagine. I dunno. I guess.
I ne’er create again that Sat u r a day? Sat ur day.
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Then as I rounded fingers another wet pants painting the towels in pitter of spilling ovals small. I saw before this rung like the bullet in mine he had an invention a pull-out boxing clubs stretched thin to center that sharp knife right where below the neck at the top of the back, his back used to be before the constant knife stab. Sometimes I pound my chest over and ov’er again for being me. Don’t be scared, it’s not as though I’m doing it to you or something; I’m just being me a chest pounding whenever I feels it like during endure supper. I really want a knife in his back, in your neck, oh yeah! The dream of dreams.  Apparently aprons. I dunno. I guess.

The hangers one in suede ohh who’s favorite. Oh rye. The others metal and plastic now surround the open shower doors and metal lines to form second phase drying past the drapes of drip onto towel. Now we just wait to be in closets. I List All. What? What? I know your name, and your passwords. I dunno. I guess. Oh no!

Please c’mon the stripes songs all cozy for me and your sight are the tread upon careful even with eyes or mind or whatever, are the sorting not quite decided on welcome mat. What the. This is my space! That’s the.

You show me so I have to right it now I decide now is To morrow after noon. The charging fused two one with a package. Help help. There’s a drought outside. The plants are wet starved or dry. But it rains in my bathroom. Help Help. It rains in my bathroom. I drink it the water from a metal container supposed for tea. Why the plastic stores shops of good smells. Seal them. Seal them. Seals, them? The house blows out sea otters all new ones from the roof the base the windows the doors all nascent. The charging fused two hisses at me it’s a snake all black, but I like snakes. Yum yum. No, no. I mean they take the fear away of of of. I dunno. I guess.   But it hisses. I dunno. I guess.

Did I already tell you this. I can’t remember. I dunno. I guess. The glass. I mean the gas used to a be so bad. I want them to carry all of our gas. Ew! wear baring.

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I look like someone beat me up in my neck. Oh no Oh no. I dunno. I guess. Well, describe it to me, the doctor says. What does I look like. Did you step in something. I dunno. I guess. I can’t remember. I looks like plates that belong in a dishwasher instead hang from my chest to neck, you know a portioned of curving the parts. Oh no. Oh no. Is there a cure, doctor. I can’t remember I dunno. I guess. Now dishes slam. I am nothing. I am me. I am nothing. I am dish. I am nothing. I am a sea otter. I am nothing. I am me. This is called my medication. You should try it. It’s good or more to become nothing and then something and then nothing and then something and then and then and quick and quick  … you learn oh lark dare I say it Lair uhm should is say it why don’t you say it for me you are (or your) interpretation … I promise you in this case it’s a true. Brew that tea! They’re getting too smart. Who said that. All the voices. I can’t understand. I dunno. I guess. My giraffe lips make it oh so difficult to participate in the ingestion process. It’s all spit and stuff at each swallow and stuff or even before. Oh eccentrics. I dunno. I guess. I think I like oh electrics. But you know I can be both or nothing or all or I dunno I guess. How. I just showed you. Om- I am nothing! I am nothing! I am nothing! I am nothing! I am nothing!
No not me not me not. Yes, you you you are nothing nothing nothing!
Om is nothing. Om is nothing. Om is nothing!
That giraffe is nothing. That giraffe is nothing.
Oh it’s all getting to be too much. All you have to do is just be nothing. That’s all. Now you’re nothing. It’s all getting to be too much is nothing. I dunno. I guess.
I guess. I dunno. I can’t remember. I dunno. I guess.

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What she’s done is made sure you can still exist if killed. You know like in the existence somewhere anywhere. But what you’ve done is make sure that you get killed in a personal malevolent toward you way. This is your karma. I guess. I dunno. It’s safe to say it’s very bad karma for someone of your given standing. What’s worse is she’s no longer responsible in keeping you from being killed. I dunno. I guess. It’s not that safe for you anymore. It might have even been safer for you before when she was responsible for everything you did. Now, you’re responsible for all you do. I dunno. I guess. But the two will never be ilks.

Journal, note music

journal note music
What they call this type
two digits a colon
(which by the
way is an actual
physical colon)
followed by another
two digits
is quiet in really
without a question & mark
the date
and what is
proposed in the followed
two digits a slash
two more digits
or perhaps one
at each or
perhaps a combination
of some both
followed by another
slash & four more digits
is quite not but triangle of dots rally a form space
sender for any that
glance at it.

The floor dance.
I knew you were going to do this.
wanna coin.
Snow flakes fall from feet shoe’d
instead of
scalps haired or knots

I feel the surgery
soul piper
pull out the strategy of
they used steal them
still do
fur bought
from the mills
that book like castles
I wanna there live!
that turn                                    cheek bones
rings with big Ones,
dye Mondays
help, i’m brain dead
it’s the undrowned
in my shower
the clipboard
to secure
closes of blowing
i miss those days   ,    we’ve all graze, we’re all
the sugars donut
yums the word of Lord
but the loads, I’m not E
the loads on the
floor where dance
is halt
a picture alive
are they all
only to bloom
the surgeon’s
fingered out copper wires
under those wasted waists
(in my sleep I have a vasectomy and a hysterectomy with the what you call it the killer of pain oh my)
a V chest’s catch of
a deceit in heroic-full.
P, sails without the ails
The old beanie
with a holed lid
the light ashes the ghosts
of the
dust plants
(an aside: your reality can change you have to be able to adapt one sec he not evil she not evil the other sec them both evil the other sec one evil the other not the other sec they switch the other evil the one not the before sec they it switches again it’s all chagin’ all the ways you have to be able to adapt and if you don’t know how to adapt the right ways just ask)
I sleep diagonal
the smell of
mildew left
just my hair
newly curled from the uncombing
or the hands of science fiction
the pillows are my eye covers
I refuse socks
house music in the voice
of an un-born
form plays
on the
wireless blinks
the cabinet of shape
creates the calm of
wash basins
(I want someone evil enough to make me Lord)
(all he got was the second part from a theft of sin back then that’s what that was called  he said I want to be Lord because he had already become the first part of that statement the someone I want evil enough )
(then I became Lord or now or both and he became sin)
(why because that’s what he wanted)
(why because that’s what I said)
street lights rectangle
on the dimmed play
satan steals my words mis-matched
so they’re were
out-coming like
his own
oh wells, I wants sum
of that
but I don’t have
oh bells, I can
can just
the painting turned over
to be
the satin shimmers
I forgot the metal tin un lid ed water. Oh sip girth.

thump my monster        I
pleat           to
zippered     off
muddy       pursed
carpe diem carpetings

sit in
clothes drown bur oasis
in solutions opare problematics ago sages beamed                                      oblong
pluck laser reading a possession
neighbors ate ate, ions probe abscess
recognizing enlightenment in main stream o cultures
o organisms
bike, why are the clothe a drown
bought sold pipsqueaks cause that quite not or quite soar swear rodents  (use a period? I psyche the bold nah no the blood use a period)

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ov’er a decade boast lost
(you or bather I r no long allow two due every)
I’m uhm ah trying o comprehend
You were talking to me in another’s body so that even another could hear
But what you said which I barely audible from bleep body I already know and you know
So you must have say it for nother a baste in raisins
Im a thinkin’ that it was to emphasis blot bat that I can bees e-lily comprehend but gas not the cases for litterers
sound sir I wander her comprehend, seer
he zzz name is duplicitous, zone mirrors

Re saults
you inherit existences that aren’t yours
then based on your choices they become yours or not
that’s all
on the next line
use the signs
don’t use roads

Sink cling swims comma oh whims
they were a family of flies
each morning they possessed their human form bodies from their fly bodies
those flies then died
then each night they repeated in fly bodies
I didn member much what happened then
looney the fly’s strife if you spokes ease
but then I became all them flies
razz razz
blunder you crew lap happen them

why does she exist
well I forgot to ask why she was a wormy
when she was well is a wormy
some thing decided to possess the wormy her and feed her
not like in the noble to curve but outta greed for offerings of the wormy pooped
why was she a wormy comma hen
well before that after she was fed the same thing kept feeding her until she multiplied ov’er all place with so many faces like in he past also
what’s pathetic is that wormy will never work off any of the wormed
I mean if given a chance of not exist or unwormed
it will never choose unwormed
it’s pathetic really
it will never exist
cause not exist now means not exist ever
but we’ll modify our memories to remember the learn of the wormy and the wormed
turns the carts
all cardboard wi’ out brotherhood
gravy the cardboard for composition
berates braids berates braids berates braids berates braids
stumble grumps stumble grumps stumble grumps stumble grumps
no no no
yes yes yes
nod nod nod
shake shook shake
trances trances trances trance truces trance truces trance truces
sip zzz sip zzz sip zzz sip zzz sip zzz sip zzz
they are busy so busy oh dizzy
serrating waves
we can’t even catch a cat of water drip
take me of the detox, dang lits!

so how to age out
blop haste he ads in the hits
buy the risk slender
next line->
un crane the hook
it is her
what date it
Old four-teen

The way he is
Is that he would
Always be not giving away anything that wasn’t his
Oh hiss oh hiss oh hiss
D’ya hear me d’ya here me d’ya here me oh hiss oh hiss oh hiss

All it tells you is that there exists a way out of Hell
All it tells you is that there exists a methods of the way out of Hell
All it tells you is that there exists forms of the methods of the way out of Hell
All you need is the desire out of Hell
Then you need the methods of the learning of the method out of Hell
Then you need the practice of the learning of the methods out of Hell
Then you get out of Hell
Then you erase you having ever been in Hell
Then Hell no longer exists
for You
My Lord it is all only a choice
that’s All.
that’s It.

Put him in events that make him better or end him. that’s all. that’s it. I have other things o do.

Oh my L, what is this gibberish I am just yapping away.

Ooh yuk.

It’s very simple because every thing speaks to you and tells you what is needed to be done; it’s very difficult because I am under a very tight constraint.

(yea) there’s a lot we’d like to want for you like what uh we could create to be Love
but the results right now demonstrate that the want has been killed by you
we can’t create when you have killed the want of ours for you
you will just have to un-kill it
against your will
then we suppose the will yours will have been changed
and we can re-want and create for you                    those like
deem that. deem it.
Awn, I have become the mange sage of rage. I am rage. thank your self. You’ve created your own teachers.

Rub belts portal pyramids                  burp, ooze
horror fied by evil I am
Evil disgusts me

I saw you there
so long ago but
Last night early last morning
or late late late
your hair so much longer than it is now
but of course I knew you because I knew what it was happening
then at that happening that is all you are
that is all I am
that’s how it happens
I saw behind you
And then I ran
and I raged that’s it you’re done never again. Never ever. It not happen ever.
But I said to you from there so you could hear me and know
It never happened you can’t go back to it neither can …
But remember it
And that’s how I created healing
What a creation to steal
Thank who

how do I stop it?
how do I stop the evil.
what is cry.
liquid solution running on skin.
make me cry.
and now tears, exist (existed).

Know that I exist
And because you know that I exist
Do what is right for essentially forever.
Not know that I exist
And so Make me do what is right in your stead for essentially however long or short you may get away with this.
This equals then this: if I Exist and do what is right in your stead, then sooner or later or somewhere in-between or when you expect it or when you don’t, you will not exist
I already know that I exist My work then is done, and that is how you know that I exist   (that’s essentially all you get from me.)
When you know that I exist
You know how to do right for essentially for ever

Belie the verse! Belie the verse! Belie the verse! Belie the verse! Belie the verse! Verse! Verse! Verse!

The only thing I ever know as having been not is wrong with me is not the understanding that ever thing except you and I are evil
So when asked if I wanted to help evil
I now say only if you tell me to (help that evil)
The only thing I ever know as having been un-right with me
Is nothing
I am beyond early phase enlightenment
Oh my oh my oh my!
Lord! Lord! Lord!

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My smell helps families (of who) find me, apparently.
Why (oh why oh why oh why)     else does it exist, does it
I see no Worlds here
Only spaces where planets interact with non-planets
And wear planets intersect with other planets (to are)
For fun and kicks, I press my thumps above the clavicle (whos)
(oh rye oh rye oh rye oh rye rye oh rye oh rye rye oh)

When I smelled it I was too slow to know
Among the three sixty five sequins of silver with red curls
Tine (as a stead of ran) through dark red
The spiral former bound paper sheeted fabric lumbars
The curdle silkens cells death
But it should not make it through
Throw oh throw oh throw oh throw

The epitome of me does not exist
But I used it be
I said almost a sorry
But wired apologies for
The drops of my blood splatters
At That Feet
I guess I thought
Maybe that I did it wrong
Cause I was dying way.

Every day for a long time
they are given by the Teacher
a very small part of me something like that of 1/50 of my fingernail
for their own bodies
in this period they pretend to be me, and pretend that I am them
I carry all of their crimes, and they all of my un-crimes
All the Un-Enlightened any any level because apparently
More an one level of Enlightened
View me as the crime-r and themselves as a part of the un-crime
How odd since they are the ones that engage in the process of ripping me to shreds to create their lied realities
Then my Enlightenment only steps one step further
And they lose, again
That’s what why you hear she can’t make a single mistake
Here’s the problem for you, I never have made a single mistake
I win, always in all ways. All games you play only exist to further my levels of Enlightenment, and further a select others to some level of Enlightenment
It used to be when I was in your bodies (1/50 of my fingernail)
I couldn’t hear what you were doing, so I worked off all of your karma,
Because I still couldn’t be you,
To do this as standard reaction, I had to already be enlightened perhaps it was a gift from my creator. I dunno. I guess. This basic level of Enlightenment
Now though I can hear what you hear that is pertaining to my Enlightenment,
And I can just say instead, you work off your own Karma, because I’ve already lived out that part of my Enligt-henment
It’s kind of the only reason
You existed
And now most of you don’t
Except of course the (select ed)
Who might some place

The passing back of your Karma
I chose a duty to you (within limitations for you)
You can’t cure your potential mental illnesses that disrupt your living
So I will
You can’t cure your physical injuries that disrupt your living
So I will
But if you pick that which I do not approve of or give my consent to
And that which falls outside the jurisdiction of my duty to you
You are on your own
You presume you know more than those above you when you
Assign yourself that which was not assigned to you
I’m sure you know because when that happens you have to live out their sins
Just as you made me live out every ones while I was fulfilling my duties to you
So in an easy sense for me, my duty to you has long ago, ended
You are only very slowly seeing it
You are only very quickly living I
When will your sight catch up with your life-action
I don’t care when the answer is
It’s only your problem

Yea it used to happen.
I would wake up with bags in the place of arms
Instead of course of arms
You’d be surprised how hard life can be when you used to have arms
And now you have bags but people still think you have arms
I guess. I dunno. You just have to get rid of the used to.
I had to do something like that.
And more.
I had to show all of them.
That they made me carry bags in arms instead of my own arms.
So that they could shop with them.
Then they stopped. Not doing those things. But stopped.
You know that I always say … coming near me or my kind.
I dunno. I guess.
I created another choice.
Like do you want to arms or something like those to
Works with.
Or do you want someone else to have bags for arms not cause them they deserve those
But because you want to shop with Bags.
If you pick one and become it you are my kind
If you pick the other you are not my kind
Why would you care about being my kind
I dunno. I guess. You should tell me.
Like I care.

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You should just show me.
So that I can notice. I won’t care.
But I’ll notice. Then you’ll have more choices.
Those you’ve created by mine.
I dunno. I guess.

You exist like that because you are a product meant for actions.
If you look at the product that you are as you exist and start to give way to lesser products (or vanity)
Than you will become less action creating, and they product that you are will become less than that it is
Than you might be happy because lesser products have been won
But you will no longer exist much
Do you want to exist or do you want to serve lesser products.
All you are is a product, can you not make yourself efficient enough to not give way to lesser products

Oh my L. She doesn’t even have a heart. You told me to pull it out from inside her body. But it is not a heart I feel it now that I have it in my alms. It is some that not as bad as hers old blood co agulated. Oh my L.

Head spinning killer
Marble kibble
Blood soup
Different g outfits
Onion life or not
She used to be my veins before they took them over and started poisoning her food
He used to be my bones before they took them over and made their carriers empty
I’m not sure what he ate, if any
There was then when I invented walking backwards just for fun which upon experiment of some I met a little pixie there in the planes of deep slumber
That made me do it on that planet
I forgot what  I got interpreted as
Illicit the experience of fear
Because they say two me only walking from where they weren’t expecting
Oh wells.

I drink the coats of your senses a poison that cures ailments and rasps the perns sounds as mis-sensed

When I had no one else to pray to I prayed to myself
Not in the way of worship
But you in the way of Help me Help myself     get out of this here
Hear me myself
In that way

No, I don’t want to see it
Because it’s not mine to see

It’s a safe to say
That inside me burns a fire
Killing any feeling
Upon rest of mine

I told You that I never want to say that ring’s words
So You’ve taken away my voice in that body
I guess I dunno to change mirrors
I told You that I never want to say that ring’s words
So I won’t eat in this body
It makes perfect sense to me
Maybe not to them but to me
Them isn’t me

I’m not concerned about interacting with
The public
I’m not concerned because at least half of effective social skills come from Me
The rest come from You
So that’s why I’m not concerned
Oh sling.

Please add sloshing bootless laundry of foot bathtubs
Pleas add when you possess my bath tub my hair drips make a severe more, without water

It exists as much as an eye blink does
If it I mean that the eye blink is what you might call an existence
It used to be my appetite I dunno I guess it existed
Then I stopped eating
Sow it stopped existing
My appetite Died
the type of Death that meant no more existence

in order to modify order or create it
I have to change my movement / actions
No longer can I move quick because apparently all chaos has been informed of my Brahman realm of movement / actions
Now I simulate movements of random animals I briefly met
Structures that marched
Structures that breathe
I suppose I must have been there always
For nothing quite instructs me to move / act like them
Some way I already know how
I suppose when you were a canine and I grabbed you around the torso to make your transition upstairs from downstairs
My brahman realm movements grabbed you also and so I learned how you moved or
Better place
I guess I learned how to create your movement / actions
& so on & so forth
I dunno. I guess.
A form control in creation
Better place
Now they can’t get near You and I
This build ing
Then I guess I dunno
Is what is created as a form Aura
Or a?

Eye blinks plants born into a realm I guess I dunno
I remember my lunch pile
And my jacket slush
Available when I was hungry
Or cold
The hide out
I wonder why the cats never pissed there
Upon them

That scent is supposed to be for animals to let them know
I am
One o them
& more I guess
It’s kind a cool
to see them learn things
how they learn is something I am not able to explain
it’s all scent I suppose I dunno I guess
outside I create a plastic jar of drought elements
and animal spit
creating their scent that which (that, oh how ridiculous the words are never useful enough!) will teach them to become them and them-more
how odd
during your journey
I undo my mask of I’s
To jump through the levels of a game
I don’t hate as much as the others
It makes me careful, more-than others-me
I see each jump of the game, each-block-is
every face I see bleakly that is surrounds me
a stereo, systems
I am so important the game yells at me
Each face surrounds me falsely believes it too is Lord
Not me
Each face is not sure what I am
Only that they deserve that place of each step that I jump on
& strobe
Floral growing robes
Robberies est. when
Basking we do in villas of Olde
Ladle normal deliquents emphasis
Head triangles to fourteen discs
A doddering of flora
When I reach the top
I doubt the Lord is here
Though wells know I’s
Lord exists
Slanderer of Games-Lord’s
You pile out of me
Sudden concrete towers
Violence only
Bite at the End
Mowing Greens,
The heavy citrus’d coffee rinds to juliennes classical stripes
to gray and white speckles of egg-less turmeric sweaters
my windows stay closed
it stinks like un-aid-full body odor
the dried cranberry
writes to glass-polymers
at the root
the red liquid
too thin to be
old blood
italicizes paint thinning
we call this nourishment
or diets of abstainment
I call them penance
That will me I to the Top
And past or State’s put
Oh Rang,
Yew can’t have yew’s rank
Only Yours.
In truth
Or Above Lavender Channels.
Not that.
I won’t teeth that Tyke
Well. If. A. game. Awakens. Cards.
The Tarot Deck. Shuts.
No Ins.
Shh. Shh. Shh. Shoes.
Screams We Address Through.

The Rib bed sheet crumbles
Adding more to forms I eye penancing for questions we mark
For fun pine cone receive the toilet flush as mechanism sprays not pine cone own intelligent ?
To spread to all                    rooms of bath , cleansing meant for ? how?
Am pine one who?
The darkness moves to quilted comforts , oh the stars dough, they are sightings of
Absent I’s
The cranberries’ skin loses ability to cling
Polymers glasses I clothe
My drink aired
I see glass I see glass I see glass
The skin is C through
Where are the bones
The shape
The form
Oh thanks giving’s shoe polish
What R u?
So haughty about
If I polish for you that shoe
Of my hands
What will you brand become?
Oh oh oh. I’m so mean. I’m so mean. Oh oh oh. I’m so mean. I’m so mean.
Oh oh oh. I’m so mean. I’m so mean. Oh oh oh. I’m so mean. I’m so mean.
Oh what r u?
Other than have been
a copy of cat.
See those cats sprawl.
The bait you
Wait for me
The spiders bouncy jump the Bomb’s a comin’.
My head tilts I slap my shoulders I simulate myself pretending to be the should I say it
The the the fool
But in another language that means
Flower. As I simulate you to be the

The Brahman Realm: A short interaction
Eye: Call it The Brahman Realm Call it Eye e y e
Eye: You need to get rid of … (from some body) I hear
Eye impersonating I with …’s mass (Eye say misleading some body say you want to be Kali): isn’t it weird that there’s two it should just be one
Eye (from some body but some body cannot hear it is just becoming part of a channeling network): IT used to be just one … (impersonating some body): I’ll show you
I (sea-ing) (telepathically communicating to Eye): Oh yeah I remember weird I was inside you
(like a child is inside its parent but you’re not my parent!) Eye: are you?
And I was moving from inside you without knowing you were there
I guess this is how I got trapped in what they call Hell
Laughing hysterically like a mad thing
But what does it mean to be trapped in Hell
You can’t possibly be trapped in something that doesn’t exist
And if you were trapped in anything that does exist
There would be a way out of the thing that exists
Then you couldn’t possibly be trapped.
I feel like wearing what they call draperies.
Eye (impersonating some body impersonating I) (Eye to some body: you want I’s personality): I want to wear (what they call) draperies (somewhere).
I: Eye: I do.
I:  But I don’t even have a personality
Laughing hysterically.
Now I’m sure that I rest in an animal’s body.
The bush is my good place to rest in my animal (Eye: a-them’s) body.
Eye (from another body, impersonating false Satan): In I’s most natural state, I is an animal when not There.
I: Oh wells. I’m sleepy. Good bite.
All Telepathy.
Eye: This music could be so much better (I: to you)
I: But it feels so good to me.
Eye: That’s because I’m using it to do a science experiment on your forehead to create the Dog.
I: But I don’t have a head. Though somehow I do know what the Dog is.
Eye (from another some body, a drool, impersonating a drool, Eye to drool: if you want to smile like the Dog, possess Canada): Perhaps another science experiment, eh?
I: Laughing hysterically in sweep. That’s  (Eye to I: use dot) dot dot dot!
Eye (from the Dog): The End.
I: Now can I get some rest.

It’s Major, Random
It’s Major.
Nothing more Top than can ever exist.
Unless I create it.
Don’t bother me with your analysis of body parts.
I’m done with my part Hell.
Now I’m busy doing my own Thing.
Don’t bother me with too much Work.
Don’t make me give what I don’t want to Give.
I’m busy having a Good Time.
Creating so that phlegm-less can exist.

The doorknob stands un-still.
The sourdough’s bag its only companion.
My typos catch the ick of energies un-desired.
Queen Zen, the Dog, shows me under the mud what lies.
The giant roach crawls around, and the Lord says to her,
“Queen Zen, eat the mud, when you see those.”
Hey, that’s why!
Queen Zen the entire house its contents are only there to Serve your Purpose.
That’s the only reason they are.
In front of her hoping standing bars of fenced off gate she stands up.
Hey, Queen Zen, what the hell are you doing;
Only you and the Lord know.
In front of her stage I create a magic solution of liquids spiced I batter
for her the liquid at the Steps of her Stage.
I let the Sun hang around the glass stick out lids for Queen Zen’s ailments.
I drink the solution un-left-over
To rid her of waxy worm
The end of cheese the waxes par the sweater’s un-dirty dirt-looker is my favorite eats of.
You’re so dun, I think of Satan whose name must be changed for Satan must mean something else entirely (different).
I tell him so he hears                         my armpits
Stay un-shaved the hairs curl to spiders boring out
The ticks pour into the Desert from your liver stored
Where the Sun should have been
The dry and crawl to                                                       dirt
Edible eats
I’m seen every strand of pubic hair on my bleached floor
You like to portal those in don’t you
I wash my hands in solutions of basil lime & oil
But I must I must I must I must
Not forget the soap of sap
The toilet flushes
Don’t you know what eau d’toilette means
She makes fun of me
Let’s make her feel left out
I peel that
I’m every
The Lord is never left out
Fools I peel them
To my bath’s
Oh oh oh
It’s so hot and lemon I E that is
Oh oh oh
It’s so hot so hot
My fully clothed swim
Is baring sustainable
To all my Possessors
I promise we’re better now better put pokers
The music drives the back ground
All carpet all pillows all curls all designs all
Pulled trash bags
Of lint less clothes
Oh the smell oh the smell oh the smell
Oh the sell oh the sell oh the sell
I drink basil too splotched with who
The notes rate
The toilet paper of Yours
Cleans my nose
Drip drip drip
I hate that feeling of a needle (metal) to a bone (metal)

Fir the burden to exist the way that say it once did
Dead pounces
There’d have to be a name mine with
A transcript printed by yours
Several years
Of F’s
Or I just wouldn’t have been Me
& you wouldn’t be
Did I did I did I did I did I did I
Call her Did-I or I’ll slap you
But slaps are not yours
Nothings yours
I’ll … nothings yours
It’s all the Lord’s
Get out of My World
Get out of My world
Did I Did I Did I Did I
Already say it that comma & way

The seed of another solution floats in my bath water
I try I try I try
My hand dives my hand dives my hand dives
With out the flop with out the flop
I can’t catch the seed I can’t catch the seed
It drains with the lotion’d water
Blossom, will it?

Mal mal  mal mal
Define Mal! Define Mal! Define Mal!
The suitcases packet of chocolate crackers.
Uhm. They Crumble.
A Mosquito tries a break-in Through the Net.
Throw the Net. Throw the New. Through the Sold.
In my dreams
My screams cause sprinkles of water, more? When?
In the dark state of Nights
I twirl
My body is Someone’s Wand
Mine, maybe
Yours, not likely
Whose Whose Whose
Question question question
Marks marks marks
The smell of poison mold hangs back soaking up folds of skin that weren’t there before
Ain’t he dead yet
Damn that Mold
I mean it
I mean? It.
Damn that Mold!

Part the Knife.
She stands there with my knife in her hand.
Behind my back.
At the kitchen table, we are.
Should I report this.
I’m no fool.
I geese. I dun know.

Part the Earthquake.
The house is old.
Someone says upside wrong.
Who knows. Who bears.
I’m the care-r of,
You can write that down if you wand
We’re entering a new reality now
All rigs have gone past
What the time
The tendons I want
The alcohol is the rub hard liquor of wrist insights
My perfume
Your scent
Dies flakes off is renewed or re-born
We birth blankets that keep us warm on top of sweat shirts in doors
Wear their isn’t snow so I know
The tendons I want
I wade parlors
Oh sip cups
You can right that up if you want
We’re entering a new reality now
Of Plants
How came you never toll old me this be fairy frosts , for
I forgot the envelope of    . . . pink socks
Down up middle
Stars salute to Who
You know do you
Oh! Do they know
Intel is so mordant
And I’m so morbid
Of ooh deer dear ooh deer dear ooh deer dear  : I unlock the combination
What does that make sense , make up
Wakes up ?
I have to go getta that fella envelope, now
I’ll right more later after I right now
Soul tear soul stear soul tear soul stear

I ask why the pits of olives exist
Why aim I slow
It’s odd tough ain’t it
The flesh I strain
My neck swings side
Saying no to questions heard in other bodies
The pit until it’s pitted
Is like the exorcisms of worms modified, gone
In body flurries of … (well, olives, for example)
Pulled out
You were holding back thinking at this, that level
Rode this who?
Up mordant

After the quake
As I bathed my poison to the curious un-able to feed eyes of others
In the sun
There was a miss of Rain
Oh was there a miss in rain
The drench of my former reality
I saw you sprint faster than I could remember back there , then
It was a ghost, I guess
of you, I dunno
Then I drank my poison
All complete
The sage burns samsara
Fresh Age of Freedom.
Oh Baby!
The End.


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