I’m Nuts

I’m Nuts
Petering Notes
updated as of 121515, 121615
by goura fotadar
on 121015:
Dear Receiver,
just received denial, and buyers no longer have the Time for His; and doesn’t want it; so will leave it inconclusive not sure if the breaks from the last bottom sputter
theme’s day: bottom and not sputter
dated; also noted; things from outside born agains re not going; Corporations is bunted for me; and stating to hear back from them since A La Mondes no longer stores there; and just Spokane with them today; and this is what they Sold Me!
Netting to pear back about new alignments; and now now can’t zip up New Sweatshirt Project,
but have the next Winner Zoo scheduled, loosely for Best Year.
Great Goura, Gooden Progress.
(Goura Wins!)
Bummer about Buyers, and A la Mondes
being so un-priority
date: 12915 121015
theme: hallelujah! I’m relieved regarding this update
theme artist / song: Keaton Henson / You (Album: Birthdays)
citation: npr.org / music / as accessed on 121615


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