it’s just a matter From fiction for the, day

It’s just a matter of waiting for 3 to five hours
she’s hungry.
oh the anger.
gotta any spare change.
the log notes work best at
the end-of-the-day, or,

They’re just robbing them
it’s not my problem.

Water and Now QuickSand
your Jug
don’t you just love quicksand
it’s like one of the elements
an emerald ring look a-like
and but not quite feel a-like
a feel of a water bed where nobody was molested
and when it’s not kudos the only 80s or early 90s
is that when they were phased out
like water,
but I’m not so sure about air,
it’s more like …
I don’t ice skate
but too,
you just trace the movement
with your finger
with no race against
your own,

I don’t understand why it smells like rotten bananas
11915 12215

Birth of Culture
I think I’m gonna jus t gonna have to birth children,
eventhough I never really wanted to do that,
because they are attempting to kill the culture,
and I’m like the only one of that generation that like learned that level of that culture,
and how hard could it be they’re gonna deliver themselves.
(laughs)  (not really)


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