contrite contraire

contrite contraire
trains the span of obsessive emails
the yearning of an absent fiction class
the false presents of actual acclaim
the disgust of the reuse and not re cyle ooh bikes of words
in the English language
Whad do I mean
I’m not sure what you mean
bizarre the knock offs
the fake women that asks for every actuals breasts
as meat tears at the fork
everything is cliche
and I’m bored except
I can’t breed
and as a result her the fake womans false breasts only git smaller representing
a four year old girls hard running chest,
and the running shoes are a far cry
from now they don’t fit
right but they always run smooth
a fast
that starves the evils of your twine
I’m repeating myself
and you’re so bored
as if you ever,
your opinion
anything you are were can be ever
(no matter)

a wonderful track set of pants,
to accompany your or mi
citation: as accessed on 121915

Screenshot (88)

the spice planet, an idea, citation: (fiction) Mistress of Spices Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 1997
you are supposed to look like what they spices you are is


also, picture, citation, metta
as seen on,

words of mary,
uh that one:
child simply means
one that is learning,
and nothing more,
and sister means …
one that provides Support,
and brother means, …
one that is limited only to will not bring you harm,
once above that you earn more titles,
but as starter, and that song
brother is an essential empowered title and even for
the other sex
not gender?


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