title: No Meaning

The first line is kind of tricky. The thing about deodorant is that it is like a candle waiting to be used and your armpit’s un-enamored odor is like the wax buring, and soymilk cures cancer and not the other way ’round and I just thought to include one ofmy favorite former songs, and what does that mean varsity on your jacket, but I never played a Sport. Round Here Protein makes you lose your appetite of greed; well, if consume in they can’t understand any language but any being any existence can understand and does understand energy (energy, it is a language) she likes you back a lot more than she likes him back (esp. in that way) it’ s just a different species, it just happens to be a particularly virtuous one. (about angels)
title: No Meaning

in the meantime,
kaali is humilated with experiencing humilation.

citation: Counting Crows, Round Here, circa 1993 from August and Everything After cited from YAHOO! search results


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