there are slits in my mouth

there are slits in my mouth
purr fect
we’ve just done a clinical diagnosis on his

the body is a drag
that recycle bin is like a read card the red car non-sports variety
what does sports mean here
it means something very different there
it means something like enjoyment

then a gang
a gang activity
would be like sports,
a sport game

to undo or reverse the voodoo,
sea if you want
s.p. number while I prepare for the ha dissemination of sp 19

Screenshot (91)

cited: as searched on 122415, and also there’s the free version on kindleunlimited

perhaps the dog doesn’t want to be photographed again via screenshots for today, done are we.

oui oui

on with voodoo dolls,
to reverse the effect of voodoo done by bad,
uh they the four of them took one doll,
like a barbie? tm cited barbie (doll) as of 122415

Screenshot (92)

cited: pinterest as seen on barbie online via YAHOO! search engine on 122415

eye like the shoes

and they turned the one head into five heads,
one to represent their mother,
and the other four to
all those that were done to the good uh I mean all those voodoos of harm or great harm or worse errrrrr harm that were done to the good and then the turning to good,
uh as
and so as to reverse uhm
I hope,
am I explained that enuff
this thyme round.

the dimples aren’t uh for the beauty,
they are tosee
cea rule wi’
but you already knew that
and if you ask for to see me that I wi’

what happens to your sight,
big bad
and the green ice,
I’m not so sure otherthan not beauty they were mint for,
oooh the smell of nint
what am I to lake-ing about
not sewers,

back gourmet music to kill the noise of non-whitenoise: eh, therapy.
now, don’t you just love the whine uh S-O-N-G
cited: youtube (as accessed ON 122415)
passion pit, sleepyhead

(also, just so it’s not like I didn’t file a complaint or anything against them, the bad ones
and not in the coo’
uh, what the heck am I talkin’ about …
the put those pins and not the nice ones, like in acupuncture
on the back of the neck, and then at the bottom of the toes,
and through the knees,
as if life weren’t for most
esp. the un-enlightened ones,
[pain-full enough]
how about it.)


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