Screenshot (93)

cited: oatmeal comics, as shown below

Have you ever noticed that deva (star) at the bottom of a lemon
and the skunk
sprays from the tail,
and not the arse.
are your parents terrorists, and the b-a-ad kind, too.
have you ever notice
that whom is
so much like womb
and the citation, is:
(thru facebook on as of 12715)

and for japanese sake
I guess I’m living in my mind in ww1+1
and not saa-kay
and kale
as in vale with a ‘k’ though obvious
and not the
is that obvious
is not kaa-ley
as in an invocation to that power of G-o-d
if you believe in tht
sort how discriminatory that mantle word
can be under the WRONG ice oaf mint
as on 122715)

I miss my family so much;
the people hear are so cruel;
and for the on-lookers
and for all purposes
I’m so lucky
to have a brother that is so Noble;
and he’s just my Buddha
even if that’s uh what I am (first).
It’s always a competition (between US).

that to me,
means meet a nut in person,
as in get up close to the small nut
of a tree,
dependin’ on your spiritual size

why she wasn’t allowed to have any
and why she couldn’t answer all the questions on her home
and what na name is it,
she now wants to simulate a detention
curt and see what she learned ene
and wise she didn’t bring a book,
and how it couldn’t be social
because nobody could talk
the cult
that’s what was formed from the detention
and what does home,
mean sinew way:
I mean is washing the dishes
and emptying out the sink;
of all that curried water
and of dishes that were never loaded until you got there;
and I don’t get the loaded term
exactly is the dish
a weapon
and the dishes
the loading
of it
and the start the
of the kill,
(sorry for the violence)
cite: coast guard on youtube

the grip of the violent whine
the haute of the cut of your throat
and the ice/burn of the starvation as you can tons, and everybody eats and has shelter
at your expensive,
The Clothes! The Clothes! The Clothes!

Screenshot (94)

cited: oatmeal comics, as shown above


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