His Reality is Full of Rejects

His Reality is Full of Rejects
Date: 123015 123115 1116 1216
We actually have lives
and existences
and spirituality
and he’s a reject
he can’t compete with us;
so he goes to the reality of full of rejects,
until he can STAND with us
so then we found out that his reality is a catch-all of all that are not going to exist,
and we are now going to insert everybody in it
that are not going to exist.
You don’t have to conform to their non-spiritual beliefs; I mean
It’s so weird the cup of phlegm is clarifying itself after days of sat, and spit on the … aright coo’ goura
that’s good coo’ good security
ba ba ba boom
ba ba ba boom
ba ba ba boom
look my arm is a pulley, that’s cool
maybe the drut
and there’s not enough shower
like bells
of knot,
going on,
because the heater of winter
although it appears
as fall now
the trees are not stark enough
anyway, the heater of winter
sounds like that,
a show,
define a drut.

For her birthday,
she wants soda,
and ice cream cake,
and other stuff like that.
hey a dog can dream,
to stigmatize cliches
uh … why with a snarl obviously you’re not that uh
… good
just that …
if you’re unenlightened
you’re supposed to have about 11 dating partners
prior to marriage
starting at the age of 11.
If you plan to get married.
What’s with you leaving yourself out of your living experience.
average marriage age is about 32
dating doesn’t mean often sex or inter-sexual activities: such as, kissing, etc. even hugging;
it means hanging out alone for a-while,
and sometimes or onceinawhile depending on your social age,
with other people,
this can involve the onceinawhile accompaniment of relatives or something
(i’m so tired I think I have a really bad fever.)
she was talkin’ mad shit to them all night
she was talking mad shit to them all day
you have gotta stand up,
or tom something
for who u r,
esp. when who u r. is right.
cargo. panes.
cargo pains

site styes
near the end

I can see it through the vortex
that they are suicidal
make them all suicidal!

dead tar water
like my lips
so good to swim in

it’s scary that they’re that evil;
and that they now know it
a quash of incomplete or rather im-proper metempsychosis
do they deserve that or even a re-birth
am I not sow sure.
gosh, these are words from my old life that I can hardly remember.
and then there is the numinous
trapeze [sp? I think I’m spelling it wrong)
citation: merriam-webster.com and also its word-of-the-day (as accessed and referenced on 1.2.16)


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