Nice clouds oh my gosh,

Nice clouds oh my gosh,
and there’s a face in the middle
in the striking pan
Oh my gosh, I’m thrilled

I can’t do that it’s too many triggers too much of an option of breech-ing in security,
but I can say this:
which is
if it’s possible in fiction,
why is it not possible in real life.
I hate living here
I’m starving
I’m so sick of suffering,
literally I’m sick
I think that’s actually leaving
I get to eat
I’m so relieved
maybe if he doesn’t leave
then I’ll just go back to starving
and it looks like he’s not leaving
so I’ll just go back to starving
oh wait then again,
he is leaving
the pendulum of swing starvation
and not sex.
I never was sppose to
it’s better,
it’s caught
I’m thrilled.

when it’s not clear to me,
I just make the money
another way,
and or I give something up

I could also cut and tape this,
but I’d look like a cereals;
so maybe that’s not the best way to approach this position

It’s just their job,

It should be:

why would you love the flesh of a fruit
it doesn’t want you to love it
being grateful for the flesh of a fruit
isn’t the same thing as lving

theme: uh it’s about  … that thing action that used to take a lot effort unless you take a baseball aluminum and swig hard even if you never
Land Drink
citation: song artist: Bon Iver    The Wolves (Act I and II) as accessed or heard on 1816

right down,
fro m on year
cite: trailer!
that’s good,
I’m im-pressed?

a growl is like an orb protector,
a bark is like a fire alarm
and a meow is like a car alarm or house alarm
and another growl is like a recess
and to get around from classes to college someone needs to
alert the public transportation system
and if not that there
the vehicle management
and whet about the plains

citation: accessed on 1916
Bjork    I See Who You Are

nice bird walking on the path
across the way
the pavement

The Two Groups of Women: One From man and The Other From woman
she has neck dementia
which means
she can ask
for others to
lose their memory?
in the game of
can she.
CAN, she.
this is oin to soun heave mys-o-gin-is-tick
O, Gin
but uh,
in his reality all women are jealous
and in mine nobody is
when my women enter his reality
they are called men.
first those first women go after
boys, men and guys
and sting them with their envy;
and next they turn to the second group
of women,
and thass when they die.
since the first group of women
came about from men who chose to sop her enlightenment,
you don’t have to blame yourself,
just blame me,
I blame myself.
don’t worry.
the second group of women are the only women also called men
or the man
or guy
or a boy
who are the only men recognized as women.
(the 2nd group of women didn’t share that choice to sop enlightenment,
in general
so they became more violent than just men. and less dangerous
to enlightenment. their violence stye-d equal to both sides enlightened and unenlightened.

and my nail is like braking into my ear

bar run down can dull
from the back of the cab but pan dice
minus the i in pain


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