Fiction Hygiene

Fiction Hygiene
date: 11216

he stinks so bad
that even bleach in my armpits and not days
but minutes before
with his past non-showered smell dead
returns as soon as he enters
end: it
I can smell it in my pits
with the
still present;
it sued to bee
that they said
that they
the bleechers
I mean the wipes
with that
chemical or a few
were told bold to case can tank
it’s the opposite
dose why
kill the tinker:err
big surprise in this pain staking blundering un-pigged stye!

if you copy another’s movement as much
as possible
it’s easier to kill them
(it always works)

remember to read the bridge to terebithia (again, sort of)

citation: Bridge to Terabithia, circa 1977, Katherine Paterson, Donna Diamond,

facts as see on Wikipedia on 1.17.16

that’s ridiculous
we’re not normal people
we’re freaks
and that’s obvious from the wings
and we don’t have hearts
we know what hearts
are we’ve seen the image
with aorta
and to us aorta means

when I wake up in the morning there is yesterday’s shit
in the toilet
and I’m confused about to flush again it’s a small amount
bcause there’s a drought
or diss, infect before the morning p
and then
can recycle flush
with just a nit of wader lost

I can be home: without for about a year
for him,
and then it should be done, or it will be:
in the meantime I can ask for anything for others I think deserve it
pretty much?
that’s how spiritual


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