art statement two

art statement two,
date: 2.2.16 & 2.3.16

(the fiction art series to post)
posting to:
it’s like a hummingbird
mixed with christmas
no that’s not it he’s gonna write more stuff
me I’m his guardian angel
no, he wants to declare his guardian angel
that’s just how he is
there is a breakdown, good noticing
he doesn’t want an outline
he likes art
in all stages
he hates time
he hates interaction
he is not an introvert
and now he’s on a change of place
and that’s all he wants to say
I’m gonna put down the jar because he’s like a socket right now
oh my god isn’t that so cool
it’s like a hummingbird the jar, now with its nutrients
objects can eat you know
and they also bathe you know
and they also exist you know
he’s known this forever or longer
you know
and now I’m tired, so we’ll lite this conversation again later

I want this on the bed now, this is really cool; it’s like my play jar now. reality creating fiction. please photograph
he’s done but he’s gonna want to write more that’s just the way he is.
let me write that down. he’s just joking.
reminds me of one of my, our favorite books:
the bell jar by sylvia plath;
maybe we’ll read it again:
I don’t want to write abou the  fraternity write now, in the honest sense;
I have been writing too many reports righted
to help you,
and it’s working;
so thank you.
you are welcome.
blasts the headache I have right now
from grievance reports,
and this spots the kill.
(of it at least.
essentially, it’s like a candle, almost.



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