The Visualization of Dogs
Digs, by Je-Sous Soups
tags: spoken word, non-denominational spiritual fiction, class fiction, illness fiction, compensation fiction

Date: 1.29.16
look like little dogs to me.

those petals represent more like are the dog’s birth.
that’s the dog’s visualization.

the palms blinking
turns on the lights
we want to re:construct      … t h t
and the reminds of that and this music
cited: bittersweet symphony by the verve as heard on the general radio 1.29.16

sim phoney
no e?
it was part of our childhood
the old dry and free food job finale
finally at first the poo’ workin’ class female
ain’t about to eat your foo’d
even if you be payin’ her for that shit:
work cleanin’ and she still:
a picture of ,
gettin’ in trouble, can’t: due exactly anything right, no mistakes allow for her.
she can’t get too heavy too tall or too muscular
cause her workin’ class roots wilt start tipping again
and the blonde roots will show of a no dye job
she can’t afford it
unless she gets that a beatin’ to a Death
if she can die,
to: much in the paycheck
to ever call it measles
or measly
she’ll probably getting cancer from no smoking
and won’t die
how’d that app kin,
because finale she din’ have to spend the four bucks on the yogurt from the store,
there’s no food in the home,
and he just said,
you can eat from here for free,
when you work:
a victory: Ice Cream Parlour
A Victory Ice Cream Parlour
ice scream parlez?
it’s that time to hope to make to survive through flunkie collage

I can’t ever take off my sweatshirt
because of my class
and what it might reveal
in how they perceive what better is
and what’s allowed
that makes sense to me
a sap.

I’m gonna right that down:
I like the tower in that house,
and so do the cats.
I want an indoor tower
where I live next
and I kind of grew up in a tower,
which is interesting
because I grew up poor.
(the beggars’ cups into)
(a beggar journey)

seven thirty days when you’re three
is like an eternity

t gorge it this is highly time consuming, and so less is listed on the list here … just ic did )

the re-iteration of advantage


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