Breakfast Notes: image title: click it’s done

General fiction:
2.16.16, 21716

Breakfast Notes:
I’m kind of freaked
they are two; almost
3 different COLOURS:
Red, fuchsia, and
pine I meant pink

the bodhi ; I meant the

& now I see it the pink. Wow! Good Vision!

they are all pink today,
today’s magic practice: an invocation of:
to kill something worse than envy
I join them in two bags of blue hue,
to commemorate the wedding
an art project,
I’m currently working, and is nearly to complete,
not a compete: not a competition.
hang them on your wrists
and wave them like a wand
until they feel are comfortable with your energy,
and not the other way, method to

please, pull the ones that are ready to pull  ; and not the others
gauge this by their appearance and/or psychic appearance and/or psychic communication;
this makes sins

on the red

(ooh I forgot they can also be used for other things once you and they now are comfortable, and so you empty the bags to somewhere … else use.)


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