art statement, The Complex Character

art statement, The Complex Character; personal statement 

started on 2.9.16 but not quite,
I like to ride my bike as a kid around the planet or what I’d call globe,
and that’s just at least.
I can build a volcano,
and cane oh,
notice: how it’s more powerful than an artform and
it’s a movement form.
(in the bark of my head: i hear notice: kaali has created a cult of movement)
(in the bark of my head: that should tell you something about me.
(in the bark of my head: something scary.)
(in the bark of my head: something about the train.)
(in the bark of my head: and she’s doing it again. )
i protest for to afford my cause
and I’m not speaking of the bark.
that’s it for now. or else I’ll be in a bad mood now,
and a good mood later.
the wings the planes and the whisk is what I am.
2.11.16, 2.12.16
I like staging relationships, romantic temporary to beings I don’t like to get them off my back
I like practicing duplicity: I hate food, for example.
I’m nowhere near completion,
but I”m almost one wi
th my stage of this statement

cool I said that
I like stone water to drink …
you know water with stones in it not particularly anything other than superb
after they’ve baked cooked been made that way the stones in the water tht way for a-while
oh bile, removed, gone.
in the future, my complex character is going to turn to into the complexity of the a cherry blossom, but a part of me doesn’t know it yet.
this is the first of my …
where’s my art statement,
shitty shitty shitty
shitty shitty
oh yeah you don’t have the word ‘pras’ here
exhausting it is as a pras
about me: I don’t want a defintion!
I no longer hate my self the linger the want the desire for the flesh of hatred for one’s self
although I’m not a one,
a ones
to hate my self!
God, the dream the ejaculation of the knead of work for hating myself,
I can’t wait for the bast
the bat to the pill
of self-hatred
I lust I abhor myself
I lust I deviate myself
I lust I split myself
like a worm in the wormiest of air condition
what’s this beef I have with them and them
most of me is peace, with a tiny bit of me compared with me as power

and that’s it


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