for since: guess my gender

for since: guess my gender
date: 3.8.16
I can remember I have been ob
sessed with the korean war
while I was just a normal kid with exposure to violence in the home
I never had any experience with war,
and somehow the idea: of the korean ward
I meant war pulled itself into my mind,
and handled me in a way that I couldn’t let go
because I don’t know that much about history
Hi Stir-E
I had to strat brain storming
what the korean war might li ook like
and since I stat doin’ that
I came across in my Storm
what others who wanted Might but could never quite achieve as a title
like in boxing with loves and no losses
that type
then I founded and or orchestrat ed the roll

and uh,
I’m being so bother s
right now,
that I gotta go;
I’ll just kee p at sit
dat late
and now I just exposed you to gender
a falling star captured into a net of non competence
how I was born.

I’m sorry I didn’t mean for your body to be broken
just cause you’re not as strong as me
you don’t have to do the same thing as me … thut sucks
poor suckers that ass it



korean war as searched on yahoo search on 3.8.16


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