The Next Art Statements: A Fiction Series by Goura Fotadar Title: The burn

The Next Art Statements: A Fiction Series by Goura Fotadar
               Title: The burn
I like to burn in the run
I’m from the South
I like my kick
and I’m good at defense
I’m not quiet thought people think that about me
I come from a small family
well it’s not close though
we’re very competitive
and I’m the best except my brother is more gifted
I lie to read
I have the shingles
and nobody else from where I come from has ’em
I like the night
I don’t like the color blue
I don’t like going on walks
I am interested in the engine
I like art in all form
I want to go to heaven
I don’t think that sounds stupid
(I’m not a religious nut, ha love the compilier about the protagonist)
I don’t like “I’m not …” phrases I prefer the I am …
I like water
I’m glad to see you so even-keeled
(not yet complete this one)

cited: mrs. dalloway by v woolf
as read by the compiler

next art statement:
I want you to stop staring at me like a creep
theme song: creep by radiohead cited radiohead
this isn’t high school
and I mean it that place is slammin’
I don’t care if you don’t know what means
though I can easily explain anything
I like to play volleyball because it doesn’t exist
I like the caravan of dust
I like the blade of serenity
I am gabriel
the owner of all
they say that that means I am a slave owner
but I am a former slave from a free galaxy
in exchange i’m too bored to talk about that now
I’ll get back to something else
as always
as always turn the stir to the right  and blink fifteen times to remedy the contact of an enemy
(why because he loves you and I don’t)
(you poor sucker who knows nothing about poverty but about being poor you are in the shift of)
(dude we’re not the same person I don’t have to be nice to you just cause he is )
(I don’t have to say … that’s if I said f—d up)
(don’t blame me that you don’t understand the complexity of character)

the third next art statement,
me continued & murder engagement in a child’s voice
I am an adapter
like a plug, gin she said that
when I died I asked for good things for him,
and not for me
I wanted him to be immortal
and I did not ask for that for myself
unlike others who wish others well
I never wished myself well
in one way: this is a type of sacrifice
and in another it’s a form of self-hatred
that’s why my self started to dissolve in a way others couldn’t sea
like a death
nobody can grasp it
because the new killer is too freaky to grasp
and anyway,
I didn’t even like him that much
I don’t know I felt like it was his right
to earn that
and I never really thought about it more
and more important to making that somebody be,
even more important than me
you’d think that when I was alive people would easily want to trample on me because of this,
but actually this quality of mine,
fully developed gave me a kind of power
that made me uneasy to trample upon
even in my death
I walked into the bathroom
and he was there with wire
and he bound my wrists
and then he beat me over the head with what looked like concrete from the sidewalk
that I never saw broken
this was my first death.
Then the second death,
it happened but this time
I was pushed out of my body already dead
and he was killed with a violence of anger
so that he imprisoned prior to the kill but not before the first death
because of this the immortality I had given up of mine
given to him,
instead I could have developed one for him
an immortality, unique to him
as each is for immortal
but something made me hate the whole thing so much
I never really thought about it because I just didn’t have the time to develop that
and sometimes we just don’t get that time,
so I hated the whole thing so much I could have been but wasn’t suicidal
I could have been but wasn’t crazy
I hated the whole thing so much
that I walked into situations which were dangerous for me,
and I knew it,
but you know I just didn’t have the time to think about it
and that’s her:
here’s a secret: when you have more time to develop further than you once were,
each scene each moment of your existence changes,
now you walk into a situation which isn’t blessed,
and instead of walking in, all the way, or as much as you would have before
you had the moment the time to develop further,
and now you walk and remember your development,
that’s enough to not walk in as much,
and now you’re not dead.
but if you were dead,
and you wanted to stay dead,
and become a dead being,
what an asset that would be to yourself if ever you came back alive or not,
and what an asset to those that cared and care for you still,
and the only way to make this happen:
is that somebody stops your death the second time,
the same death,
and you become again immortal but in a way that you are bound to your immortality this time,
and it’s because someone caused the change in your first death, and you were given a gift of second death:
and maybe they didn’t even do it for you,
maybe they did for a cause
because why you should die in a heinous, because you decided it was the best way to cope with this shitty scene of Life/Existence and Not Yet Being,
to give up your immortality to another, nearby,
because surely that level of power means that you’re not doing enough in this shitty situation,
or else it wouldn’t be shitty,
and when the cops came to collect your dead body they saw another dead body moving,
and for neither did they see the killer the
second body dead went to prison for a hated death
and the first dead body stopped existing it was a culminated death,
and nobody brought
the real killer was the one that caused the second death,
probably because it was just a child,
and as soon as a child sees a murder the child so innocent wants to stop the murder,
and then a little older the child wants to get even with the murderer
and a really precocious one that had the enmity to develop that far as a child
could cast a spell of kill to figure what the “get even” was exact
because in the murder being exact is always the best way to go,
and only that which feels a boiling rage at injustice at not being able to control any wrong even preconceived could easily come to that conclusion and teach others also to come to that conclusion
and now the next things
is to be exact in the get even
the child willl wait in the gurgle of blood
like bloody mary laughs
in your mirror at your vanity or other sin
to feel the exact pain of the murder
and make sure to extract the the get even of pain from who was supposed to be preconceived to the child’s own self conception the murderer
uh yeah,
how did it feel did it hurt
to die that way
and if so did it hurt more than life itself
a priori  death: make it a first priority
and now in your new unlife death existence
is life better than it was at either the point of death and the life before
or should I say lives before
because some of us have several lives.

It is very easy
you cannot become more of what I am
You can become more of what you are
and I can become more of what you are
Hearts Brahma


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