On Mistaken Identity: The Avocado

On Mistaken Identity: The Avocado
date: 3.25.16
They really wanted you to be a boy
Tara K
Tara K
I am Green Tara.
Tara K becomes John R.

The services for Men, recruiting women in the past
are nuts
They make you give up your name of Woman,
and adopt the name
and sometimes and Identity of A Man
that already exists.
Then you Make Bill with Your Work In HIs Name.
This is called the Great Equalization.
The Woman ONce Achieved This
can No Longer
Be enforced to misogyny
by the phrase: concept that she is a of weaker sex.
But who then will Defend The Men,
when they have orchestrated or Done Such.
Personally, I care only for the animals,
and supernatural beings
of gender male, and others,
if so be call it them.
any Bay.

I can see the big rims
in light
of the car driven past.
I ate an avocado
and the moss overgrew the soap
so a new batch,
who knows Bath.
i do.
Three angels ride by not all on bikes.
the rubberband on my braces couldn’t be more interesting
It makes me so happy
to have one
how fun
slanted across my mouth.
I love it.
The beer floats
Oh How I Year
for the Plights
of Morrow.
What Century is This.
The hat.
I’m craving the chew of gum.
& I squeezed the lime lemon onto the art drying
so that the moss would grew where It really needs to
We knead to bake more in the voce izo Ova.
Theme: Spirit Song
Theme Song: Ophelia
Theme Artist: The Lumineers
citation: general radio as listened to on 3 25 16 at 5 something approx. PM


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