The Fire proo f Granite is Burned; Frankly

The Fire proo f Granite is Burned;
date: 3.26.16

Despicable is A New Translation of Their: Disgusting Quality:

I’m so angry that the granite is burned with that bad energy
and that
I can’t eat
or use the oven to create art as needed;
that my breasts have to be stared at;
as I create are,
and that time doesn’t exist,
but time is up; whenever I’m creating art now;
it’s so bizo;
and that’s nut
and I’m tired of the dogs barking at each other;
pretending to be God;
I’m tired of how ungrateful they are for all
the things
that God and The Lord has given them;
and I suppose we Don’t Harm them Back Until the End,
the seam so weak compared to Us.
but who isn’t.
Perhaps we should do to them what they do to us,
and anyhow
the beer
lemon lime white
chocolate cracker
and nearby fulfillment is Worth The Life I / We Earned.

The Screams of B.O.
comes at us,
and as we bend over to open to open the heater
the cook bake that which doesn’t cook
but is almost made
and the almost
as the screamer want to be? hoof the fakehood of Devote-ness;
Devoting Ness.
I know it’s not Done;
as if It’s not my Fault
but it’s done enough;
so there’s the proof
that it’s not my fault
which means it gets fixed
because the work has already been Done.

Who the f is Bolivia.
I’m so angry about have-ing
enlightened Destroyed
if even temporarily
I’m so angry.
I could destroy anything that destroyed it.
I’m so angry.
I’m so angry.
I’m so angry.

I live in fear
that He might Leave Me.


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