Emotions for The Day

Fiction for the day: Emotions for The Day
date: 3.28.16, 329.16
What do your personal relationships
when there’s all this work to do.

It sounds like an emotion;
I can hardly remember
what my emotions once were.
(and for whom. or is for who or is it whom four for.) Like that’s the point: I imagine it’s a graph like any normal one with one meeting point but with many points, how obvious it is to go the meeting point of a graph.

I always wonder
what it was why,
we threw that gum out;
I imagine gum if even used
as suggested
and experienced
kills the bad scent of many things;
and bad scents are so unbecoming; so why throw it out
how about wad it up in its paper foil
so much foil to perserve the gum;
and collect all the gums o wad
into a shoebox or something and store in your closet or someplace;
can you just imagine the aiding magic of the used gum.
(and incase: there’s not foil accompanying the gum, then use paper … remember that the paper you use will have some significance in your work … uh or your be or something along that)

The Magic of The Card: Making
I think that house should turn into a
place to make cards
that the entire house
should not make cards manufactured
whatever if that means
but instead
turn to cards;
that any visitor more like worker there makes personal cards as in in person while there
and then stores
in boxes
I imagine a thousand cards
of whatever variety
each made
and then her haps
many more will be made;
but ,
at first that’s all and
when the cardmaker for the period is there;
others can also ; be cardmakers there;
it’s a card house.
I’m starting now.

peach garlic haven for snacking when you’re fasting
at the bottom
you put
milk and peaces cut up peach already prepared
and oil and
eggs two eggs
and lemon juice and onion pieces and vinegar
and you give it a stir
and on top you put four slices of bread
and parmesan and salt
and pieces of garlic and some more oil
and bake in an oven at about 225 degrees
till smells done
(maybe place in a plate) and cover with a napkin and store slices of used lemon on the plate to preserve flavor, and also an avocado; (when done baking not cooking though because stored it’s still cooking as you know)
snack as hungry.

theme: emotions

song lyrics quoted from the radio: “(jacksonville florida neighborhood … band)”  ” … little girl I can’t live without you”
citation: as heard on the radio on 3.28.16 but can’t remember or find the name of the song and band

nice outfit: it’s good to have a Trial of what you Ban Un to Where
(pull it out of the ward, robe)
I turned you into a door, your dream come true
I saw his hand maimed as ave-ri-el
gesticulated to me so that I would see out my blind eye
blind to who-M;
and not because the hand Lost because
of some hero-ic epic war injury
but because of some severe theft
of me Mary from “The New Definition of Retards”
A book where I describe my experiences from various personage
narrating perse pyre-ing perse uh pecks uh technology sticks
He Stole My Art,
and My Money
and My …          So much more,
and you should do it too: that is, you do: Sow Much More!

blon em
nice outfit


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