One Year Old Prescription

One Year Old Prescription
(title:) tags: fiction math, spiritual, work
The Doctor Rafa – El’s
The Deva’s Secret
(outside of circles, sets)
One circle: rest
Second Circle: Work
Third Circle: Spirituality


fiction art

arrow down from Rest circle (does it matter)
planes ,
are all you

It’s very
simple :
how to live
a – n
existence :
Worth – It.
date: activity, created: 4.9.16
cited: the educational system of Warm Springs Elementary where I had the privilege of attendin’ all four years! (Fremont, CA: 1989 – 1992 , 3 through 6 grade(s))
(for example: can there be anythin’ better than take-in a long Walk forth and for:
to buy a piece large enough and fillin’ enough to buy chocolate; and in which categories (basic math like the fourth grade) does this activity fall?)

other(s) note(s):
To put in tomorrow’s
art series
under tag: meditation / spirituality
Please Also Draw A Graph. (The activity just created is my graph. Above.)

Oh, look the LightBulb twinkles a gain:
& my “metta” practice
is back.
cited: Theravada Buddhism “metta”


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