date: 4.14.16
this art statement potential titles: BRenden Speaks
The Sweetnes of Pussy / Chocolate Cake
Am I a he or a she
and the dissolution of the kidnapped place
and ON: Stolen Beauty
and on: Movie views, hahha!

Well, bren: den did tell me
and notes for art notes:
Art StateMent: Brenden Speaks.

Part II.
to post to uh what you call it the f blog
so brenden did tell’ me about him not himself,
well you know when you tell about another you also tell about yourself
and sometimes it’s just how you tell that tells about you and if you’re scared about that cause those from Heaven rarely are; you’d just be quite like a being that doesn’t speak:
and even that would tell (maybe: Moor) about you?

so the country long ago:
where there were child kidnappings
and then I guess God got really mad
because the country dissolved:
and they spread out,
and perhaps no place: they went to next,
was as pretty as that country that had dissolved,
(there’s no hurry, so I just got to remind myself that,
and I’m not sure which one said it)
(that’s what happens when you’re twins,
but it’s not like you forget who you are,
because when you’re twins,
that doesn’t really exist in the family: spiritual circle: exactly;
well, it might be weird for you; but like it definitely isn’t weird for Us;
and that’s why it exists? is or was created with the focused: thought of Intention translated to using the system or something the way that you are for a better more Safe, and just plain ol’ useful purpose:
and anyhow:
back to his art statement:
But you’re better lookin’ than her
and really you’re not the local prostitute
because at least then,
you’d get paid;
or your child would be better provided for,
but you know what just happened:
the local prostitute just called me,
as If I ever used her services,
it looks like she’s after your looks,
or just plain ol’ after you.
ANd this isn’t to knock on local prostitutes, (and don’t you think of a door)
cause I’m sure some of them have children and themselves to support,
but uhm,
I only knew her cause we lived together, and that’s the only reason: that she has my number
(my plumber)
and I didn’t … that she was cheatin’ on her man,
and through prostitution I wonder if he knows,
but he’s so unequivocally crooked,
I bet he knows and is even comfortable with that: knowledge
theme: song / music — artist : solitude — duke ellington citation: kkup dot org  as heard on 4.14.16 (radio)
(and it’s not like: they in their honest: self-disclosed honesty,
theme: the four interviews, as posted to the volunteer blog
back to:
I didn’t know for a long time:
that she was a prostitute until I was stayin’ way far away from her again,
and then she did this one strip tease in where were living and I had to look: away
because it was so disgusting, and nobody asked for it,
that I knew,
and it was grossing me out.
and yeah he wouldn’t say who the statement is about tha tsh e was btter looking that him
but perhaps she had something to do with his kidnapping when he were a teenager and I said child but not quite child
and that’s wherever he is, she is that’s how kidnappers or teenage nappers are,
they follow you wherever you go:
it’s like spiritual thing for them: except it’s the opposite of spiritual
and all you have, then: is your guardian angel to save your back
and that’s only if you know that you’re scared of what’s happening
when you’re a teenager in that country that’s now dissolved cause
when you’re an adult and society has changed enough: somebody will just give the old popo
a call
and hopefully it won’t be like that scene in the mOvie, “Misery” (citation: 1990, Kathy Bates, Rotten Tomatoes, found through YAHOO! search on 4.14.16)
where the popo gits shot and even though he know somethin’ he figured it out; you know he’s the type of old school popo like your poop that just came out too slow cause behind the scenes he was cheatin’ on himself and said it was on you,
and so anyhow,
those days are near: gone: and that’s why you’re not kidnapped as an adult,
and that’s why I’m tellin’ to stop datin’ those ugly ladies some of uhm probably are men
and I don’t care if you are gay,
but I do care that they stalk: follow: create situations for your kidnapping all over the globe;
and they are just too stupid to get it: that that country dissolved because of what they were trying to do there,
and now: they’re gonna dissolve
so see your art statement really isn’t just about you,
all you have to do: is understand that they’re not better looking than you
being scared of teenage kidnapper who dies your hair black
when it’s not in the stereotyped way of kidnappings who dresses the other kid
in a fat suit,
and buys you clothes that don’t fit,
those things will make you good looking as compared to them
since you’re scared: it took boldness and sheer insanity to survive than until you got out:
but somebody else gets you out:
and are you if you wanna use looks: as good lookin’ as those are that that you got you out?
and now you know the answer to that situation:
because now:
you’re gonna have to practice celibacy
and I can see you like sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and chocolate
and those are things that those you run with in the sexual manner
don’t want you to have,
for you they are just your teenage kidnapper waitin’ in disguise;
and that’s all they’re about:
and I understand that you want to be in Love with day: like the romantic,
but like that’s not how you get to the One of that,
you gotta eat more,
and stay away: from those kidnappers in disguise who you show images: of yourself
and say,
that that it’s them:
and really, they are good lookin’
because they know that you think that beauty is a blessin’ from the aboves:
and maybe it is,
but that stolen beauty, and the two are different,
and if you can be kidnapped or threatened with kidnapping when you don’t want to be in the state of kidnapped, well, then;
beauty can still be stolen
so can yo usee with that basic logic:
that though it don’t look as beautiful as real beauty,
it might still look like to you: no really she is good lookin’ and really no she’s not good lookin’
it’s the spiritual illusion of the looks,
and probably that has something to do with your passage into spirituality and
in your case: it doesn’t have to with vanity,
it has to do with eating even ice cream,
and watching a movie on television,
but not:
“Misery” (citation: 1990, Kathy Bates, Rotten Tomatoes, found through YAHOO! search on 4.14.16)

though I do like that one, it’s near one of my favorite ol’ movies , I especially liked his screams when she was what I call blunting his shins
and I especially like his crawl to her research
and I espeically his eventual tortured out win,
and I especially like all the re-writes,
and I especially like that this only happened because the competent popo
or whoever in the security forces: just don’t exist yet
and that’s cause: Brahma and them: just haven’t done work yet
you get might point,
so eat your scallops sandwich and be happy enough
but stay away from thos stolen beauty sandwiches on their faces,
cause she never gonna have the karma to eat that sandwich,
and that should bea ll just about as obvious to you,
and in her stolen beauty form:
ask yourself,
is she nearly as good lookin’ as you,a
nd you in the law of energy pull only what’s like you and above that can be near you,
and not what’s beneath,
it literally:
will not survive
on close contact,
it dies:
and purges you of its deceit
Christ Saves All!
or is Brahman Saves None other than Who She Wants to Save!
and you switch up Brahman wants
and you get transportation in a vehicle that just don’t stop
and soon you’re drivin’ to your Death,
and the real security waves youoff;;
cause they ain’t never about to switch Brahma wants,
you get my point,
like your old p uncle used to say to you,
before your looks at formed and he asked to see what you would look like
and you were scared of what was comin; for you but remember it comes for all
when it comes for any
you can understand that from the education of the old, dissolved place:
and maybe one day when the beauty of that place is no longer stolen
you’ll see it here,
and then you can have love, romantic, if you still want it;
because instead you might want a chocolate cake that tastes so sweet
better any pussy,
and that’s probably why sometimes you slide to dick
but that don’t ever taste sweet,
and is that why: we’re not sure if ever you really are gay
and maybe it’s cause Brahma don’t have gender
and that is just is or her his or his her or its
and gosh darnit: who in the right state would want to mess wit that Beauty
it surely is scarier than your neighborhood cat, ha-aha
but anyhow what’s the difference of th best chocolate cake you ever ate and the local
neighborhood and it don’t have to be prostitute pussy or dick or somethin’ or the other:
well, one shouldn’t smell bad to you,
and one shouldn’t tast not good to you,
and one should compensate you for your or their pain,
get it,
yeah. get it.

(Oh my god, I can see myself it’s a miracle!)

Brah, man.

tags: criminology fiction, archaic speech fiction, police fiction, sexuality fiction, vanity fiction, spiritual fiction


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