Brownie Potpourri Bag

Brownie Potpourri Bag
dedicated: to Ginormous from the Temple

Brow- nie bits

gin; or more us

if you don’t drink you get more Them?

the alcoholic’s situation?
date: 4.16.16
Oh because I forgot he is … brownie
you know a magical being that is like
a fairy.
citation: “brownie magical being” as searched on 4.16.16 through YAHOO! search
(I should look it up.)
Now he wants two varieties of brownie,
one like he made,
and the other:
with the pow/eful: mint oil,
and the now he wants
a third variety:
with caramel;
but caramel doesn’t taste like that, for, everybody.

(with carnations,
a title
and yellow rose petals, a few of:
and left over Great Value teabags’ wrappers
and one mead envelope sticker:  cited: Great Value on amazon dot com
and Mead: amazon dot com Mead
accessed as on 4.16.16)

Actually I really do,
but I like
chocolate more!

it’s just one speck against many
most of which have been overcome
if not all
when I was …

I’m sorry there is going to be a criminal case:
who has more of a spiritual crime against Brahman
you or your folks
because one wants the other dead:
over the millennia

Of: inside the mill ; the mill worker
& the one that has died if has less of the criminal case: will have to rise again,
and the others will have to Die in Stead.

She’s not worried:
she never harms anything: that’s right.

it means
(how free are you.)



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