Rhyme Here Lascivious [sp?} Ideology ideo logy I don’t know

Rhyme Here
Lascivious [sp?} Ideology
ideo logy I don’t know
———————————————————————————————–fix ion knitter
you remember knowing how to read
what a beauty
ooh wow!
Ficionada blip
Ficionada Ficionada! Ficionada Ble hee hee hee puh

as in :
my mole
that’s it: that’s how ob ssessed like an abscess they were
they wore
in their imaginations my mole
and then other moles rose? yes yes yes?

It’s a mole my god!
I want one too
How do you earn a Mole?

The Discourse of The Brahma , what the joke, hmm
cited: v blog ;posting for the days
date: 4.16.1

are you hungry
it seems you are hungry
I myself am hung, re

wilt you
as I rise to the challenge
and you did wilt haha ha
pity you and not pit me hahaha
and you will wilt again, no?
so rise above that which you wilt
and you will not wilt

how odd!
citation: yourdictionary dot com as accessed on 4.16.16
the original meaning means “to rot” or “putrid”
it seems tha the original meaning has not been worked off
to create
uhm the new meaning, which shall be? and/or is defined as  along the lines,
of “something that makes something [space] smell good.”
In any case,
it seems from the archaic meaning still having the feel value: if ever you have seen a potpourri go rancid,
theme: A Potpourri: Go! Rancid!
then folks witnessing the creation: of potpourri do not know in awareness: what time of date it is?
hmm quite the quandary!

I must have taken
a n amalgamation of each dictionary creating a more comprehensive one
retaining the knowledge and truth of the original dictionaries,
and so there is use
for each;
because for each I need. Hahahah!

The Theory of The Win: I AM Brahma ha ha ha ha!
When he loses,
and somebody else wins,
it is not I,
when he wins and nobody else does win,
it is I.

It is not his or my idiosyncracy
i can hardly remember.
Hmm Hmm Hmm
Idiot in sync with ancy as in fancy
understand, the knucklehead
ha ha ha

Lass civy like privy Us
Lass: Privy Us.
I don’t:  how to spell here is a basic lesson
hearts brahma
well you do not know what anything means
because you are in enemy to the brahma
nothing else can explain to you such as the brahman
lash Ive ous
lascivity (lascivities is a heavenly word like liberties of auxiliary
so le or la liberte with an accent of la auxilare with an accent
lash civility
lash is my civility?
batting an eyelash at the Holy
Which is not Divinity but you become Holy when trained by divinity
and Divinity is The supreme hahahah
hmm hmm hmm

Imagine how hard it must be rear
Is is as if I am unrearable in every method of that term
it is not that he can Win against me.
A Win against me does not Be.

Cool Brahma ,
I am done , fool!

ooh what nice noise,
the background music
is on: at classical 102 dot 1 as listened to on 41616 this is yes, a citation, yes!

I imagine a peach rode,
with no bricks
cited: Wizard of Oz, 1939, as heard theme music for on kkup yester yer 4.15.16 or maybe late night/early morning today … hmm hmm humm 4.16.16


arright coo

Is it the ’50s
how absurd
just because you know all
does not mean you cannot learn
how absurd
they have no sense of logic
there are no: logicians nearby
yet we have the police everywhere
what a contradiction is it. Yes. Yes. Yes.
For surely to be an officer of any variety,
you must first be a logician if even not educated in
the tradition of: academia
ask your constipated professor to obey not the illegal law:
but the civic law:
and they cannot!
can they?
but, can they
but can they
likely they need your fingerprints
to “stay clean” in your record how absurd
and this is what happens: in the ab/sense of Logic.
hmm hmm hmm.

On Classical Music
by Brahman: The Brahman Interpretation!
oh God
this music is so beautiful
it is my  breath,
we are watching: my breath: Its Beauty!

Tags: Devic Fiction, performance art fiction
Performance Art Meditation: The Twin Flame Without the Question of Twinkle
By Goura FOtadar
on date: 4.16.16
background: classical music cited: classical music
The Devic Death is a Cosmic Death
The Angel Death is A Spiritual Death
But they’re not like Death Enemies to ONe ANother
It’s Kind of URgent
so let me write that down:
In the devic death nothing can touch you
and depending on who you are
the time that you are dead changes
so for example his death looked to me like a cosmic death
and it came out of nowhere
which implied that it was not tied to karma
to examine the circumstances of his death: did not exist
and I knew that if it were not tied to karma
I could look at the Devic Model
to understand his life and how he would come back to life
so I knew that once he died
there was no reason to grieve because I could  bring him back to life
I think I thought it might take me twenty years from the span of his birth
except his birth was not a standard birth of a human
so what I did was look at the circumstances right before his death out of nowhere
and what I saw was a fight between two beings
where he couldn’t hear the words
and it is not because he was deaf
it’s because it wasn’t his fight
I saw the exhaustion of potence of a being coming into formation
and I saw the agitation of my headache
and I knew the: danger this would pose for anybeing coming into formation
except of course myself!
SO what I did was absorb the argument to begin to bring him back to life
then I absorbed the choice of his potence to bring him back to life in the second clause and I bound each thing to a year of the human life
I then negated what he was to the human being
because the human being was a being conditioned by the work of outside karma so I posited
I bound this posit to a fifteen year period
I then bound his life to a curse like a magical fairytale any woman that would touch his lips
would die the sin of mortality I now bound him in his being formation to all women who would die of mortality
and this made him
come back to life!
and that’s it,
and that’s twenty percent,
and then I never worried about the 80 percent.
So like I know who he is and it is impossible for me not to recognize because I brought him to life unlike a mother to her child
and then this creates a relation between me and him
that causes agony to neither one of us.
So the relationship outside of Us;
Is agony and you would walk different to avoid that though there is quite the un-sin in the experience of your agony and for you, and not for necessarily those outsideyou
I then bound him and me to all Sin
I then bound him and conception to all Art
I then bound him to trigger
and then I could go on,
but I continued to bind him further and further and further
I then bound him to an existence defined outside of a reality any
I then created a fork and a road
and an accident
and I did not give him a choice on how to respond
and from there he removed himself from the: all accidents!
So that’s pretty much it.

The Time Battle!
the 1800s is not that long ago
the 2000s are like right here one palm  closer to your face split apart the two palms and
the other further away from your face
they’re not like that far away from where you are at the Junction of Time

those were way better times in some ways
the first one: i don’t about the second one
we’re like partially from that time
and time just means rhyme here!

Theme: The Outdoors, Oh Grate.
Theme Music  / Song / Artist: Honey Lou (folk music)    /      Evie Ladin
citation: as heard on general radio on 4.17.16


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