Mary: The New Definition of Retards

Mary: The New Definition of Retards
By Goura Fotadar

Who cares what they say,
they are retarded.
A lifetime from now, he’s gonna be pulling weeds out of the grass; and trying them,
and the weeds are gonna be cursing,
and you’re gonna in Heaven.

That all looks like the same number to me
like a binary code.
It’s not so hard now to crack is

Gosh: to the central character in the story: You’re such a nice brother.
Most people will never be so fortunate.

Anybody who sticks to you to get healed is not your friend.
Notice the word “sticks” in that statement.

It’s not your problem if your mother is trying to do something evil.
We have a justice system intact for that.

I’m just so embarrassed that he was about
average at Harvard
I don’t blush but I’m so embarrassed that I could blush
I just hope for his sake that it wasn’t true

Almost nobody is smarter than you
I didn’t say nobody
almost {} nobody

Thank God it’s Finally Whatever Day It is.
It’s Way Early
This isn’t a house
it’s some sort of outdoor gym
where I run with
open styrofoam bags
god what is the word something
where you stick something in the other
Money is bad
and so if you have to make it
give it away because it causes sickness

The babies want to stay undefined
Personally, I don’t like it when they’re constantly trying to define me.

You can’t understand the beauty of a man like that.
A barely reformed pedophile,
still out molesting children;
that want to be molested;
you know before the outlaw of it.
They should be behind a cage!
Not worse, worse is an honour.
Something about birthdays, and I’m not so sure about the …

Affected by another’s writing maybe to go in The New Definition of Retards
by Goura Fotadar
to be posted on 11715
In recent years he’s become an elevated misogynist. Prior to, he was an unelevated misogynist.
s bpot that time when I turn on the light,
and it gets dangerous

it’s like samurai art
not the letters
but the texture
and colors
There: now it’s like
Samurai art
with the new (addition)
and the letters are like
would you call them graphic
japanese and korean
it’s like military art
but it’s like
a civilian made

theme: new?
theme’s artist / song : New Edition / Something About You
citation: yahoo! search and youtube dot com as accessed on 4.22.16


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