in, tell, e, c, t

cited from, :
word of-the day:

“Definition of noetic

    :  of, relating to, or based on the intellect

in, tell, e, c, t
In: tell! (Inside you, because youare the stem of ? is the capacity to tell, like in the Right … Method) Estimated curve Tom
Tom, says estimate the way you dispense your method to tell (from the inside of you)
Hence become a flower in your exhibition
bloom and die
or wilt and die
bloom and die
or wilt and die
but don’t be born and die?
relational perspective , theory

Self, assign,
to? where why and how come. ha!
(describe the breakdown of “noetic”)
(and contrast it to the web: definition)
no eti C
No to estimated timely in sea
(or) see
if you’re scared of water
you need to see in the metaphysical sense
no etic (on sound short of etiquette)
no, etiq. (bad timeliness)
like shoe, laces.
en o tic
of oh time in capsule
cap: sule (cap the soldier, do you.)
of oh time in cap, the soldier means he/ can only die from the cap on time
and can: only bee cap of in time
and can only be in capped when necessary as an access/ary to something else
you gotta control time to change that, essences of Being
but how could you
time don’t exist
oh tie!
over experience time in capsule
{no} {e} {tic}
{you can understand that} {what it means you don’t know} {a habit of nervousness}
No, as in nay an interruption and a bait of nervousness if you’re not actually nervous
no! a rhythm {again, a break in rhythm}
a tree pierce
noe, tree, vase tic
me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me my me
enough: research into it : in thought conception
at its essence noetic means mimic
which my tuh bee o.bserve ation is
sin, c {since]
capsule now means mimic
time in mimic
which means no! to an interruption of time in mimic
mimic the day for example: the standard,
but don’t interrupt it, and order of Noetic!
in other words, rest
unless you work during the night
and it never actually said night
nightie nightie
so whenever you interrupt yourself you are not noetic {being in}
and whenever you don’t interrupt yourself you are being noetic {being in}
interrupt versus not interrupt
and why yourself
isn’t that wear you start
Wear : You Start, Birth is Exhausting or At Least Wears You Down
and Noetic has something to do with remedying Wears/Down
Change your Clothes, Less
and you become less Worn Down
no break in that rhythm
so take the break in rhythm and convert it : work that Wears You Down
Like a Birth: is a break in rhythm and change it to Work that does not wear you down:
and that’s Rest?
Noetic again with Rest?
Rest Rest Rest

Holy Arte

I forgot what it mean,t

we’re not in karm
for God’s Sake
or really: for yours (own?)
DO you own your,
unless if the before
you own your
She says about her,
: God He’s God Awful
and what does that mean
clean the cement?
brm brm.

Dum, dum dum Da, Dum Dum Dum Da
boo! bubu sh ka
boo! bubu sh ka
boo! bubu sh ka!
In: Hearts (–working on fiction for the day, to post, spiritual art fiction, oh friction , too)
butt (with your Head) parens>

how do you…
have you ever heard
of non
like at, eh, tude
at aye toot
say yes to
tug of war,
and keep
it a’float
that’s the purr
to not let either side

do you own
Shut Up!

Theme: Spider

Theme Artist / Song : Soley / Aevintyr
citation: npr dot org music on 4 dot 26 dot 16

date: 4.27.16
she prolly in prism
for being
as hell

prism dirty
ew! that nasty word: “exotic”
ex o.t. ic
ex’s over-time is ick!
don’t exist.
get it get it


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