A Deva’s Art Statement: Age Thirteen & From Heaven A call from heaven to The Wides

A Deva’s Art Statement: Age Thirteen &
From Heaven
A call from heaven
to The Wides

date: 4 dot 29 dot 16
& 4 dot 30 dot 16
& updated: on 5 dot 1 dot 16

themes: calls from ,
theme song:  song 1 (can’t remember name)  & Janna
theme artist 1: Fat White Family  for 2nd: Hiya Wal Aalam
citation: as listened to through npr dot org slash music on 4.29.16

On the i.d.
the id monopoly
cited: monopoly the game invented ??? circa1903 as accessed information through wikipedia on 5 dot 1 dot 16
& as heard advertised on general radio the week of 4 29 16

the id
you have a call
from Heaven
Hello this is Brahma

(turning fists)
cited: the spirit work out, turning fists
facebook dot com, postedo n 4 dot 29 dot 16

art instructions to 1 self: meditate when you think it’s done on the the thing, art
then add something to it, mre
(and you’re done)
mr. e


animal speech,
that’s pretty

your street art is pretty
they’d like to take a picture of it and hang it up
I ‘d like to too
well, I can’t hang it up
I’m gonna take a picture of it,

and they can hang it up (that a way)
a public display like that is a good symbol of stability of your introversion

real, life:
it reminds me of,
a n extra credit assignment I won
did for the county,
like the southern days of Never
I’m surprised that she even had a camera
and paid for the print
and I picked a cheapo frame
just: cause
I was a braid of being beaten if I picked the frame that I wanted
but I’m was/
becoming me: God
and so I knew the frame would adapt to want I wanted,
and turn into Real Art
that’s so cool
would that’ be
I mean if we had assignments like that
we’d get a real education
all the time
I mean
if I turned that assignment in that meant I got a C
a far cry from what I could have achieved
but the beating cut down to once per break
and that’s how the C came to mean more than the A
in specialized contexts of Prodigies: God

so I took a picture of the corner of a house or building somewhere in the “public” I can’t exactly remember
the other person was there breathing down my neck
make it quick! make it quick! make it quick!

as an aside:
ew! this is gross
isn’t this gross,
plaque from two weeks

and that’s what I saw
so in art: use your sight obviously (whatever that may be)
and once the picture came out it looked black and white to me,
though I can’t quite remember using that print option
but maybe?
and I saw it from my adult’s eye
and I was only about thirteen years old
and I knew it was art

and then the teacher put it in the mail,
and Ithink we titled them,
but I can’t remember because I can’t remember the title
and it went to the county
and of course?
I didn’t win the competition
although I doubt there was one
I did win against myself
and I was so humbled bythe art I created under the conditions
art one form: under the conditions
(and that’s it)

any, how:
it’s your version of the Lust poster
please cite
and include this: in Soul Pieces 20

All that suffering
and it turned into this Real Art.
I’m not surprised.

it’s my hand wrap web

citation: coke package container holder together as purchased at (with coke) at new seasons market on 4 dot 30 dot 16

that’s cool
you eat,
those things give you good strength on the-job
you’d just eat out
they don’t pack their own lunches do they

cool you caught it
it’s like a mass of art

cited: Language Notes

Who do I think I am ? and What do I think I know?
to learn Spanish,
you only have to know English,
and just learn a little bit of French,
and you will be essentially fluent in comprehension (of …)  forever, especially while reading!

without ever having gone to college in the conventional way
he now has essentially ha bachelors and masters in Spanish Language
he is fluent in Spanish
and it’s not his native tongue
which means that he can essential: understand whatever you say in any tongue
cited: new publication coming out soon
called pre-emptively:
The Uneducated Notes, A New series ? IN comprehension : The Jewel (Book 1)
as planned to be released on Amazon for free through KindleUnlimited and /or procured while in free advertising / free period
disclaimer: I am obligated to place a price-value on the books as required by the publishing standard; though they are read for free!
cited: amazon dot com self -publishing

the practice pro/nounciation game!
that’s like a Spanish accent of conquistadors from Spain and Italy
but Italy used to be Asia
so from Asia
nice outfit, though!

I don’t want to talk about this; this is disgusting!
God! I hate their Culture.

I just said,
maybe because you’re really Ugly.
I said that everybody except for those From Heaven
are really ugly compared to the Devas,
I could puke by the ugliness of their actions/ choices /acts
The Axe.
Maybe if you visit the Deva Realm
you will be less ugly
and Then I won’t have to puke as Much.
Oh God, I feel Sick.



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